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Is there a way to unconvert a project from camtasia 2019 to camtasia 2018?
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I am not sure with Mac but it may be similar.
If you loaded your 2018 project into 2019 it will prompt to convert it. 
Any modification you made can't be converted back to 2018.  That's the official word however there is a thread that mentions a reverse method not recommended by Techsmith.  You may lose modifications or just break the project.

However :
Look for files with this end in the name - _backup.tscproj
Before 2019 loads your 2018 project it prompted you as it has to convert it but it also makes a backup with the line above placed at the end of the file name.

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Where is this thread?
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Note this information was specific to Windows.

This is what your after I suspect.

here is the relevant text... courtesy of @kayakman

As Quoted
"you can easily convert a Camtasia 2019 project into a Camtasia 2018 project or into a Camtasia 9 project, provided the original did not make use of any "new version" features; the downgrade involves changing a single value in the tscproj file, easily accomplished with a text editor [I use Notepad++]

I do this all the time; I have never experienced any "project corruption" issues; you can always make a safe backup copy of the tscproj before proceeding 

In the tscproj files, near beginning of file, Camtasia 9 is "version" : "0.5",; 2018 is "version" : "2.0",; 2019 is "version" : "3.0",

This backwards compatibility is easily tested

Save a new, empty project [or, if you like, one with a single callout], in 2019; exit 2019; change the tscproj version to 2.0; open in 2018; exit 2018; change the tscproj version to 0.5; open in 9; if the project loads/opens OK, the downgrade is OK

For me, there are numerous practical reasons why this is helpful; one big one is that I can edit a project in 2019 while another 2019 project, downgraded to 2018, is being produced in 2018; this seems to work fine on my modest Lenovo i5 laptop

So, you can take advantage of 2019's improved editor when doing your work, and you can greatly increase your productivity [edit while producing]

Again, if you don't use any new version features [and I never do}, this works just fine"

Happy hacking but All care no responsibility in offering this information.