Ungrouping clips removes zoom&pan information

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Following the tips from this thread I grouped some clips in order to have a zooming animation cross a split border.

However, after ungrouping the clips in order to edit one of them, the zoom&pan information was removed from the timeline.

This is quite annoying. I don't want to redo zooming over and over again.

After noticing that zoom&pan in the current implementation of Camtasia Studio 8 gives loads of frustration to users I suggest to create a separate track type for zoom&pan, just like call-outs do have their own kind of track.

This would resolve lots of problems that currently occur with zoom&pan.

Having a track of its own for zooming and panning would render this effect independant of any other tracks' content. Moreover, zooming should only be applied to tracks above the Zoom&Pan track. This would make it possible to, e.g., only zoom call-out tracks and leave the recorded background as-is.
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If you expand the group [with ZP applied] using the "+", instead of ungrouping, you should see all objects separately and be able to select any one?
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Seems good at first glance. But if you hit Undo while editing (i.e. deleting) elements in the group, the ZP element gets deleted and can't be redone. (This appears to be unintentional and I guess it's a programming bug.)

What do you think about my above suggestion to create a separate track type for ZP, separating zoom from any of the clips in a track?
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The idea would seem to make sense; however, I believe in CS8 all zoom pans [basically a visual property key frame] are associated with a specific clip, which can be on any [multiple] tracks. If there were stacked clips with ZPs on each [like when doing PIP], the single track for all ZPs might be problamatical?

I do not use many ZPs in my stuff [they tend to swell video size], so I may not be the best one to comment; perhaps others on this forum could offer their thoughts here.

The only workaround for your conundrum above that I can see [without doing some experimenting] would be to ungroup, delete, then group again, then add back the ZP?
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I picture something like the following:

A ZP track should influence all tracks above it, and it should be possible to add more than one ZP track to the scene.

Imagine the following scene:

In this picture there are two ZP tracks.

ZP track #1 has influence on all four tracks on top of it (tracks 2 - 5).

ZP track #2 has influence on the two tracks on top of it (tracks 4 - 5).

All ZP tracks should add to each other. So tracks 4 - 5 will have the sum of ZP track #1 and #2 applied.
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Thanks for your suggestion Axel.

What you describe and show is very close to how adding zoom n pan animations to groups works. When you group objects, the group can have multiple tracks within it. When you add animations to the group, it affects all media above it in the group. You can have as many groups on different tracks as you want that can have animations applied to them. You can also have animations applied to individual media within a group, and then apply animations to the group as well.

As for the issue you described regarding undo deleting animations on your group, I wonder if they are still there, but the animations drawer has closed, so you can't see them? I just tried deleting a clip from a group, and then undoing it. When I undid the delete, the animation track closed for my group, but my animations were still there. I just had to open the animations track again by clicking on it at the bottom of the group. Is this what happens to you? If not, then it does sound like a bug. If you could do a screencast of what is happening, that would help us track it down better.

I hope this helps!

Shane Lovellette
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Official Response
Hi, everyone,

We just released Camtasia Studio 8.1 which adds this "stitching" feature you might find helpful. Now you can manually stitch and unstitch clips. Animation will automatically span across any stitched media clips.

To Manually Stitch Clips
Right-click between two clips on the timeline and choose Stitch Media from the menu.

To Unstitch Clips
Right-click on a stitched media clip and choose Unstitch.

For more information, watch this video tutorial:

If you have Camtasia Studio 8 installed (trial or licensed version), you can update to the new version by clicking Help > Check for Updates or by downloading and installing here.

Thanks for your feedback and helping make Camtasia Studio even better!

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