uninstall snagit 2019 in windows 7

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When I try to uninstall SnagIt 2019 in the Windows 7 control panel, it says "setup blocked, SnagIt is already running".  Clicking the close button does nothing.  If I close it using the task manager, it comes back and blocks setup the second I hit "uninstall" again.  This loop is driving me nuts.  Why doesn't your program uninstall when I follow your instructions?
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Posted 12 months ago

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Here is what I would try that may work.

First if you can still use or access Snagit,  go in to the Capture Preferences ( not the editor preferences)
and under the General tab Un-Check "Run Snagit when Windows starts"
Click OK.

Close down Snagit and also make sure it is closed/stopped by way of the Task manager.

Next in the Start Menu >> Run type in "msconfig" without the quotes and when it shows in the search click to open it.

Under the startup tab Un-Check Snagit, Click Apply then OK

This is a screenshot from another site as I don't have win 7 anymore to grab actual shots
but look for Snagit in the list.

After you deselect Snagit click apply, then OK

In the next box that pops up Click Restart. This will reboot your computer.

When your computer is running again try to uninstall Snagit.

There are some other things to try but to possibly get a quicker solution you may want to contact support if the above doesn't help.

Techsmith Free support

Open a support ticket here:


Toll Free:
    800.517.3001 (U.S. & Canada Only)
    8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST Monday through Friday

   6:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST Monday thru Friday

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This approach to simply kill Snag-it sounds like a kludge, avoiding the basic issue that there should be NO issue killing it, especially if you have removed all instances of it with the Task Mgr. If this does not do it, get the Uninstall product from Iobit and try that.

Vincent (04-05-2019)

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Vincent - I agree, any software that allows you to install "IT",  in a TSR mode, should provide a way out (Uninstall) - they know where the registry entries are, they know everything about the original install - folders and files. Windows may not.
TS is Relatively young company so I cut 'em a little slack.
Maybe one day they'll create a department called "Legacy Mistakes We Should NOT Repeat." If they're millennials, they may not understand the hand writing . . .
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Ed, - TS has been around for over 40 years, and in the computer business that is ancient! I used them (Snag-t) long before they did anything with video, and stopped purchasing new version after I purchased V12 I saw V12 was much harder to use, so I reverted back to V11.4. But keep in mind, I do not use Snag-it for any post processing. I just capture screen shots or video with it. I do post processing with other tools. Everything works flawlessly with Version 11.4.

Did you try Uninstall from Iobit? And did you get it uninstalled, or perhaps in some other way?

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When I try to uninstall SnagIt 2019 in the Windows 7 control panel, it says "setup blocked, SnagIt is already running".

Can you see the red Snagit 2019 icon in the taskbar anywhere? It hides itself after a while, so you might need to reveal hidden icons by clicking on the arrow.

If the icon is there, what happens if you right click on it, then choose "Exit Techsmith Snagit"? Does the icon then disappear?

Can you confirm if the uninstall is still blocked, even with the red icon confirmed no longer present in the taskbar?

"If I close it using the task manager, it comes back..."

What is the name of the process that you are closing in the Task Manager? There are two processes that will block the uninstall: "Snagit" and "Snagit Editor".