Unwanted Video Popped Up When My Computer Started - Why and How Do I Prevent This

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An unsolicited and unwanted video from TechSmith appeared on my screen when I started my computer this morning. I am fully aware that a new version of SnagIt exists and I'm very, very angry about being spammed by your sales department. 

My SnagIt preferences are set to, "Only show me help notifications." This video displayed when I started my computer, in violation of my preferences. It's also a waste of my system resources. And it ticks me off. Having to respond to you about this idiotic pop-up video is consuming my very valuable time. 

What can I do to ensure this never, ever, happens again? Since you're ignoring my preference not to receive TechSmith promotions, is there anything else you're doing without my consent? Are you tracking what websites I go to, what applications I use, when my computer is active/inactive?

Do I need to conclude that TechSmith doesn't care about customers, uninstall SnagIt, and tell every IT person I meet that your software sucks?

Please advise?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Daniel Foster, Snagit strategy lead

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Hi jwerwin80 - my apologies that this happened. You're right that this preference should apply to that kind of message. We're looking into the issue and will resolve it as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, you can turn off all anonymous usage data and in-product messaging by visiting Edit > Editor Preferences > General and deselect "Send anonymous usage data." 

The link our support agent sent you via chat explains the scope of the anonymous data collected when you use Snagit and are not opted out: https://www.techsmith.com/tudi.html 

Thank you for taking the time to alert us to this issue; again, I'm sorry and we will improve in this area.
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I'm having the same problem! I want to delete Snagit from my computer, but when I try to, it says it is "in use" and i have to close it first. However, I cannot even FIND it on my computer to close it, so the pop-up comes up every time I start my computer (a laptop) and it really annoys me. How can I remove this, please??
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I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with Snagit elainjjackson4. I'd like to help with your three areas of concern:

I can't find Snagit -- if Snagit is running, you can always find it by clicking on your system tray:

Unwanted popups showing up -- how to change your
notifications settings in Snagit Editor to the desired level:

If Snagit is running while you attempt to uninstall it -- the installer should walk you through closing Snagit. Here's a picture what this should look like when using Snagit 2019:

I hope this helps resolve your issues.

Apologies again for any difficulties you are having!


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Robert M

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Are you for real, jwerwin80? You're this bent out of shape about one message you didn't authorize and the resources that were consumed while it was being delivered? lmao

How do you even use a computer when you get this worked up over a single popup, advertisement, upgrade notice, etc? I can't imagine how you get through your day without being absolutely livid at just about everything.
Also, what are you doing on your computer that you're so paranoid?

Daniel - Congrats for keeping your professionalism  in your response. I can't say I would have handled it as well. 
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2 years ago it seems this was being resolved.
Daniel even replied to the other person.

I have to say I don't get pop-up's but I do have most communications unchecked.  

Perhaps have an opt-in rather than assume everyone is ok with back dooring customers.
I know you may not be hacking but others could be.  Do you use SSL - VPN connections back to your servers?  Then it is possible packets could be intercepted.

I moved from Avast because they started to feel like they were hacking my computer when they are supposed to be protecting it.  Pop-ups are annoying and also breaks concentration or even in the case mentioned in the link they were presenting a presentation!  

Some people are very concerned about the data that are being siphoned off their connections.
And others don't care how much of their personal information is in the websphere, Facebook anyone?

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Hi damianrx - since that previous post, we implemented a whole new system for delivering messages along with more granular user control over types of messages. The current thread brought to our attention an issue with that solution and we're going to address it.