Upgrade snagit 2018 to 2019 worth the money?

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I read the comparison list of version 2018 vs. version 2019.

In my opinion the four new features are not worth the money for upgrading. The results of these "new features" can be achieved with very low effort with version 2018 functionality as well.

Or did I miss something ?

For me the pricing policy of SnagIT of the last years makes it possibly worth looking around for an alternative.

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  • like I'm being ripped off.

Posted 2 years ago

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Joe Morgan

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If you don't think the new features are worth the price of an upgrade.

All I can offer is, don't upgrade. Wait until the next major release. SnagIt 2020 I'm guessing.See if that one suits your needs.

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I came to the same conclusion regarding the 2019 upgrade. We have a 10-user license for 2018 and the "discount" for the 2019 upgrade was about the same as buying it new. For our needs, the new features in 2019 are not worth it. We'll wait for SnagIt 2020 and see what comes with that.
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Rick Grunwald

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I have been in a similar place  for a while. I bought a maintenance agreement then another 2 year extension with a wait and see attitude. 
They have fixed some issues in this version and added some bells and whistles
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Joe Morgan

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Yeah, the maintenance agreement is a bit of a crap shoot for updates. Especially if you only use it for the upgrades.
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Frankly speaking, considering the way suggestions are being handled, I doubt whether the 2020 version (if at all it will be released) will bring along a lot of new features.
Sorry for sounding a bit bitter. Many of us positively contributed to the 'Year end voting', but even after reminders TechSmith doesn't revert on this, which leads me to the conclusion that SnagIt isn't really highly ranked in their priority list.
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Rick Stone

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Ahhh nothing like the sheer joy and beauty of a free trial. Download, install, kick the tires and make your decision as to whether you find the new features worthy of your money!
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Joe Morgan

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I’ve always felt like the Feature Request & Voting Process. Was launched primarily for TechSmith.

Forum members brainstormed by throwing opinions back and forth while responding to each other.

This allowed TechSmith to collect a vast amounts of data on features they can add to Major Releases as well.

Forum members could brainstorm the greatest feature ever developed for a TechSmith program. Without them owing us one red cent for our part. Brilliant research model if you think about it.

I’ve tried to give TechSmith the benefit of the doubt. That this was all innocently created to benefit us.

I absolutely believe there was an element of that mixed in. With some sort of percentage split between our desires and theirs. With the lion’s share favoring TechSmith. I’m not claiming conspiracy or anything nefarious like that. This is my perspective.

However, there was “Never” a Camtasia 2018 “Voting Roundup” which allowed us to cast our votes for the features once more. Which should have become a “Camtasia Feedback Feature Request Round-Up” afterward. Like the one posted in 2017. https://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmith/topics/camtasia-feedback-feature-request-round-up

They had a Voting Roundup for SnagIt 2018. Collected votes and haven’t posted the results. That was 8 Months Ago.

At least 3 months ago you requested the results in this forum. Robert R. the Online Community Admin. Posted this............. I'll reach out to the internal teams to see if there is any information to share on the various items in this list. https://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmith/topics/2018-year-end-snagit-feature-request-roundup?topic-reply-list[settings][filter_by]=all&topic-reply-list[settings][page]=2#topic-reply-list

We’ve both requested follow ups since. Only to be met with silence.

Camtasia was my Canary in the coal mine. With no Voting Round-up after all this time??? this indicates the  Feature Request “As Advertised” has run its course. It’s dead for all intensive purposes.

Any explanations offered as to what has occurred at this point? You’ll have to Judge for yourself.

 I felt I could post this months ago. I only held back wanting 2019 to be fast approaching and self-evident as to what occurred here.

TechSmith is a business and they need to make decisions based on what’s good for them. I fully understand that.

 I feel TechSmith has wronged & disrespected the contributing members. And Indefensible as of this point and time or moving forward. 8/19/2019  8:15 AM EST.

Regards, Joe