Use Camtasie 2018, won't upgrade *.camproj files

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You would expect that a newer version of Camtasia can import older project file versions. I have been using Camtasia since 2002. With Camtasia 2018 I tried to upgrade some *.camproj files, and I get a message to use Camtasia 8. I do not want to go find and install old software as this message suggests. Has this not be thought through?
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi there

In my view, companies such as TechSmith should make every effort to allow that to happen. But the sad fact is, they don't always do that. I'm guessing it's because of some technical challenge that cannot be overcome easily enough. I've watched Adobe doe this repeatedly with their Captivate product. 

It would be nice if there were some service one could use on a web page or whatever where you upload your project and it gets converted to the version you need and you save it back.

I never blame anyone for claiming that their material is proprietary and being reluctant to do this, but I'll still offer anyway. If you want it converted to version 8, I have version 8 on my computer. And I'd be happy to open it using version 8 and save it back and ship it back to you. If that sounds remotely interesting, shoot me an email message and reference this thread. rickstone1975 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Cheers... Rick :) 
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I do not want to convert it to an older version. I have an older version that I want to import to Camtasia2018 and save again, since the older versions did SWF, and that is a no-no today.
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Hi there,
You will need to open older projects in the NEXT version in succession. 
You can download the various released versions of Camtasia here:
Your current key will work on all previous versions, or, use the trial version.

Then, open each project and do a Save As > (New Name) within the same project folder so all your media is still linked. This will upgrade those project and will leave your originals untouched.

Please keep in mind, that Camtasia 8,9, and 2018 are VERY different from each other. So, your projects will most likely need some editing/rework on them to get them into a state where they are actually usable.

For example, the callouts are different, captions work differently, transitions look/work differently, etc. By opening these in succession, and allowing Camtasia to auto-convert your projects, you mitigate the loss of information as much as possible. 
You can use the batch convert option if you have a lot of project that need updating.

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This is what I am hoping for. Open an older project in 2018.
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If you drag and drop a Cam 8 camproj file onto Camtasia 2018 timeline you should get a popup window
stating that the project file must be converted.

Now if you have moved any of the media/assets that were used in the Cam 8 project
Cam 2018 will throw up another window asking if you want to find those assets.

If you chose Not to find those assets Cam 2018 will let you know that said assets will not be in the timeline or media bin.

Then a confirmation window should pop up

Since I didn't locate the missing assets this is how the converted camproj will look in Camtasia 2018

The bottom line is that the Cam 8 project is now converted to Cam 2018
and puts a new project with the extension .tscproj in the folder where my Cam 8 .camproj

That is how it all happens for me when bringing a Cam 8 in to Cam 2018.


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something else to consider?

if the camproj file was created in CS 7, it cannot be directly opened/converted by Camtasia 2018 [if I remember this correctly]

CS7 projects need to be first opened/converted by CS8; saved; then the CS8 project opened/converted by 2018 should work
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This is miserable news. All I know it is a FILENAME.camproj  so I do not know which version created it, and I would have hoped for foresight from Techsmith to avoid users landing in this spot, where you have to
1. Figure out which version it was, then
2. Trying to locate that older version and "upgrading" it and then, to
3. Find the next version, and "upgrading" it to that version until you eventually get to 2018.

It would have been wise to have an upgrade tool, that they keep up to allow you to use to upgrade older projects to the most current. There is an obvious need because of the heavy investment we all had in SWF, and the need now to replace all those with an HTML5 solution.

As it stands now, it creates a very tedious time-consuming path to upgrade old stuff.
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to find out version number of a camproj, open the file with a text editor [like free Notepad++]; version # is indicated near the top of the listed text

download older versions