Use capture time-stamp to set modify date-time

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Say you are doing a number of screencaptures, you save a few, then accidentally skip a few and then the next few are saved to disk again.
So you have a kind of broken series, somewhere in the middle some screenshots have not been saved.

You discover this in SnagItEditor (in the 'Recent" list at the bottom)

Now, when you save the unsaved captures, the date-time stamps are not in sequence of your captures anymore.
Based on the date-time stamp you will get : capture 1,2,3,4, 8,9,10, 5,6,7.
A workaround is to re-save 8,9, 10

Suggestion :
SnagIt should internally keep track of the date and time the screenshot was captured and once the capture is actually saved to file, then have that as created date. Right now the created date-time is the same as modified date-time.
Or at least have an option to do so.

Once files are sorted by created date they will show in the right sequence. Tools are around to update the modified date after created date. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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There is some form of internal dating but nothing that you can get at as far as I know. I had something appear in the wrong month and had a lot of trouble changing it. Not that it was that important to me, but I am like a dog with a bone with stuff like that
Here is a free time and date changer
He has a lot of free one purpose utilities from time changers to snow for your desktop. I use his awesome Q-Dir for file management
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Thanks Rick.
As for updating the time-stamp: I have multiple tools available. That is not so much of an issue.
In the good old days, with v11, in the example in my 1st post, I would select 8,9,10 and hit the [Finish]-button again. New versions were created and I would delete the old ones, i.e. I would then have the right sequence again. I am not sure about v12/13 but with v2018 the [Finish]-button, once used changes into a [Share]-button, so this trick doesn't work anymore.
(Note: sometimes, when editing a screenshot, it may be worthwhile to keep a 2nd original version available, as a backup, or to use parts from. Hitting [Finish] a 2nd time gets you this backup, but that is not possible anymore, regretfully so)