Use to center the play head on the time line.

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In v8.6 on Win10pro x64 I could use <Ctrl><Scroll> to center the play head on the time line.  It would only take zooming in or out by one increment to center the play head on the time line.  That was really helpful when needing to cut out a portion of audio that was extending a bit too far to the left or the right . . . or to get the closest possible zoom when cutting from the beginning of a botched statement to the beginning of it correctly stated.  Just using the scroll bar at the bottom of the window lends it self to "over adjusting".
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Posted 2 years ago

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have you tried using shift-mouse wheel to scroll the timeline?
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I absolutely agree. This was in version 7 as well. It was very easy to keep the play head centered. Using the shift mousewheel is a two hand operation. In version 7, you could just scroll the mouse wheel to move the play head. Much better way to do it IMO. Trying to grab the slide bar and move it back and forth is not a good solution
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Here's a thought, what about having the ability to have the timeline scroll and keep play head stationary? Just a thought.
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YES!!  This is the exact solution I was hoping for! It is extremely time consuming to have to scroll ahead to see what will need to be edited. I greatly prefer to see where I am going to be walking before I walk there, so to say.
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Editors used to work that. Many moons ago.
 Back when you only had one track of media to work with. It was more practical with one only track to focus on.
With multiple tracks. It could be very distracting and hard to follow. "In my opinion"

You are supposed to be focusing on what going on in the canvas area when editing.

 Having rows of media constantly sliding by underneath, is unacceptable to me.

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Please bring this back.  Or introduce a keyboard shortcut that centers the playhead in the middle of the currently visible timeline.  And it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut for "show playhead".  Sometimes the playhead gets lost off the right or left side of the timeline and I don't know where it is.