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I just thought Id write up some feedback so you can hopefully improve Camtasia in some key areas in future. My experience is 15 years of making video tutorials for Cinema 4D across both mac and pc. I started with camtasia at version 2 on windows, switched to making them on my mac in 2011 with Screeflow and now possibly back to windows + camtasia 9.
First some praise; Your encoded video files are of a sharper and higher quality than from Screenflow, I was on the verge of using a third party encoder there due to the file sizes. Capturing in catasia is as good as ever, on my move back to windows Ive tried virtually every capture tool I could find (icecream, camstudio, tiny take, movavi, flashvack, ilos, shadowplay,bandicam, screenomatic) to asses them for quality, file size, editing  etc and camtasia is still head and shoulders over them.

The editing environment is hugely improved since I last used camtasia, so well done there.

However, there are some downsides, some surprising omissions and negatives Id like to try and push up the 'todo' list.

Fading from one clip in camtasia's editor to another is painfully clunky. I'll live with it, but it is pretty bad. In every other editng package you simply overlap 2 clips and they naturally fade. In camtasia im forced to butt them up and apply seperate video crossfades then add 2 individual audio ramp up and down effects. A solid grade F for that one guys, personally I would make this my biggest priority as it slows my work down more than anything else here.

Despite my powerful machine (8 core i7 overclocked to 4.3ghz, geforce 980) the general camtasia editing experience is slow and clunky. With screenflow on a low power laptop, I can scroll left and right fluidly on the timeline at a buttery 60fps. Camtasia's timeline judders along at barely 10fps as I scroll, not the worst crime but surprisingly poor performance here. Even an ipad video editor can smoth scroll the timeline

Lack of a high pass filter. I consider this an utter basic. I need to cut out the boom from my voice, camtasia has zero eq abilities, a simple high pass filter woud be immensely appreciated and would save me much hassle.

I cant edit any useful shortcuts. I can change 10 of them, but I cant change anything important. I want to set my delete key to delete things and my backspace key to act as the ripple delete command. All I can change is useless stuff like adding a quiz.

Exporting to the camtasia2 codec is limited to using 4 cpu threads, I have an 8 core/16 thread cpu, it would be great to not see my cpu sat there at 25% usage.

Audio support beyond 48KHz 16 bit would be nice, I dont mind it for final output but Id like to be able to record in 24bit at higher sample rates during production.

Finally, you could do with freeing up some editor space with useless bits taking up space they dont need. Lose the record and share buttons, then move the canvas zoom controls below the canvas, this will gain a good amount of precious vertical space. Same goes for the playback controls, they dont need to be huge and they dont need that much padding around the buttons.

Otherwise, its all good and Ill probably be back to camtasia.
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Thanks for the feedback!  We appreciate both the praise and the suggestions.  Thank you!