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Software Focus - Back to Basics: Camtasia 2019 (PC) User Interface

Lets go Back to Basics with Camtasia! In this episode we focus on the Camtasia User Interface, getting familiar with the Camtasia Program. 

This is another in a series of videos on the basics of working with various software.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Keep Focusing!
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Posted 8 months ago

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Ed Covney

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Who the heck is "softwarefocus1" and why is he or she emailing this c rap?
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Joe Morgan

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Mine and others complaints about these videos. Have all been deleted by TechSmith. I reported the first one as Spam, that post has been deleted.

I agree Ed, it's unsolicited videos landing in our inboxes.

Dubie complained it was Spam, his comments were deleted.
The Muscle Relaxer had some takes on this as well. All the responses have been wiped from that post as of today.

softwarefocus1 asks no questions.Posts no responses. He just posts/promotes his videos.
That's IT! Self Promotion of videos hosted on You Tube.

WHY Not host them on Screencast?????????? You would think a "New Member" wouldn't have so much power over us long time members? Think Again.He's clearly got a "Friend" in high places looking over him.

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Joe Morgan

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Look for mine and your response to be deleted as well Ed.
If not today, then down the road.
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Robert R., Online Community Admin

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Who this user is shouldn't matter; perhaps they, like millions upon millions of users on the internet simply wish to remain anonymous. There are no rules on the forums stating that you must use your real name and place your personal details out to the world for all to see. SoftwareFocus is clearly trying to post content that is helpful to new users and as it stands is fully within the community guidelines, something you and others on this thread (and the last) are treading, if not outright disregarding. Consider this a recommendation that you review the community guidelines, specifically the points about respecting others and that this is a space for educating.


Yours and other comments were deleted, yes, by me, and should have contained a reason at the bottom of the email that was sent notifying you it was deleted, if not, then please let me know so I can investigate. However I will remind you that there are absolutely no rules stating that if you want to help others that you MUST use TechSmith services and products; if that were the case you would have significantly more threads removed as you are consistently recommending and/or using other products, like Photoshop, to highlight ways to help people. While we would certainly like users to utilize our products and services in their day to day lives, it is simply unrealistic to think each of our products is an end-all-be-all to every single need out there. Other products may help users in ways ours cannot, they may serve them better, or there may be other factors that come into play. I strongly recommend you review the community guidelines as well, noting that again, this is about being respectful and educating community members.


As I have mentioned, this is a community for helping others with Techsmith products and services as well as a space to learn about topics surrounding screencasting and taking professional screenshots. From my point of view, SoftwareFocus1 is simply trying to help; if you can provide definitive proof that they are malicious in any way, please reach out to me directly at and I will look into them. In the meantime, I expect you to review our community guidelines to re-familiarize yourself with the core concepts of this community. SoftwareFocus1 is clearly attempting to contribute to this community space by providing videos that cover various topics of TechSmith products; treating them as those they are acting with malicious intent while they are in fact not acting with malicious intent is extremely disrespectful and not something that will be tolerated within this community.


I am shamed that I need to remind veteran community members of our community guidelines and that your treatment by these members has been harsh; it is a failing on my part and should be happening, for that I'm sorry. Please continue to provide the simple, straightforward, and helpful content that you are as this community is made up of not only expert and advanced users, but also beginner/novice users that may find these videos useful.

To all in this thread,

Feel free to reach out to me personally at if you have any questions.


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Respect to your point of view but I see it in a different point of view.
I would like to think I am wrong and willing accept that I am If I am.

With respect to the community and it's users please delete my comment
if it would be best to and for the community and the users.

Totally up to you.


Apologies if my comment was a tad harsh.
 I should have let it simmer a bit before posting or maybe not posted at all.

 I welcome your comment to show me a different light to my beliefs of your game plan
and steer me straight and hopefully be good neighbors after it all.


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Ed Covney

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Robert -

"Who this user is shouldn't matter .." Actually it matters . .  a lot!

You sign your posts with your name, Joe, Rick, Dubie, even Kayakman's name (Bob) is not a secret. When ever I see a post anonymously posted, and unless "Softwarefocus1" is his name, I'm already 99% suspicious. That goes for this site as well as ALL others. It's a courtesy that TS should insist all participants use. Had this fellow signed his post
"Dick D, of Softwarefocus1" I would never have commented.

What's disappointing is that Tech Smith doesn't see a problem with passing along, at least what appears to be, an anonymous post.  And if this isn't covered in your community guidelines, then your guidelines need fixing. 

I agree with Dubie - in its present form, it's spam, i.e. "something I'd rather not to have not gotten in my email". Do you not understand that Robert?

- Ed
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Alright, enough is enough, I shouldn’t even have to make this comment, but here it is:

I am sorry my posts are coming off as SPAM that is not their intention.


The intention of my videos is to enlighten those who may not be as well versed as some of the more “senior” members of this forum on how to use TechSmith Products


These posts and videos are my contribution to the forum and according to the community guidelines are allowed.


I do not respond to the comments on my posts because so far all the comments have not been constructive in any way to the content of the post/video.


Every comment has been: “Who is Software Focus?” “Stop Spamming” “SPAM, just wants views”


My personal life has no bearing on what happens in this forum, suffice to say I have on many occasions, worked directly with Robert in real life and although I have not directly asked for his assistance in these matters, he has helped keep the posts clear of unnecessary fodder. My posts and views are in no way connected with TechSmith and no, I am not Rick so lets leave him out of this. I am simply trying to help new users start out on the right foot.


As mentioned earlier in this comment, my posted videos are not intended as SPAM and are instead intended to be used as a sounding board to assist the users who are completely new to the software.


The question has been brought up, “Why not use Screencast?” The simple reason is reliability. TechSmith works hard to keep Screencast stable and usable, unfortunately YouTube has a better track record of keeping their service up and operational. Additionally, there are performance benefits to using YouTube over Screencast. Plus, YouTube is more accessible overall.


I will admit, views are nice, BUT, I do not really care about them, go ahead and use Dubie’s method of watching the videos if you want.


In the end, my posts are intended for training and informational purposes, if you do not like them, or do not feel as if they are applicable to you, DON’T WATCH THEM, ignore the notification emails.


I guarantee that I am one of the younger members on this forum and I spend less time attached to technology than the rest of you.


Finally, it is rather sad to see how TOXIC this community is, a new member, posting informational content is slammed and called a spammer simply because they do not post in a manner similar to everyone else.


I only post, when I have something valuable to contribute, unlike some other members of this forum who would sooner attack another user rather than keeping their mouth (keyboard) shut.


Likely this will get deleted because I know I have strayed too far from the community guidelines, but I have shared my thoughts


Keep Focusing!

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Rick Stone

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Just an observation on this. While some may feel these types of posts are inane, I actually see them as useful. And here's why.

Most of us here trying to help others have an easier life with software have already long ago installed the software. So perhaps someone comes along having an issue with SnagIt or Camtasia during the install process. In this case, I believe it's really nice to have something we could point to or even reference ourselves to remind us of exactly what should be seen when this process happens.

And I could easily see new install videos occur as new versions appear.

Others will probably flame me for this comment, but I applaud such things. And even though some may not see the value, it's there.

So there ya go. Just one voice from a rowboat in the middle of this vast ocean.

Cheers... Rick :)
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My thoughts. Perhaps Techsmith could have put a link to your YouTube profile/channel in their resource section and then some of us wouldn't be offended as it would appear that Techsmith supports what you are doing and, in essence, endorses you.