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User interface in v13 of Snagit is cumbersome and lacks fluidity for power users. I'd prefer using the interface from Snagit v10... superior in most every way for screen captures.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I agree. Priorities in UI design are--or at least should be: a) simple; b) intuitive; c) don't make assumptions about how people are going to use features. I'd say v13 fails on all those counts. I--an experienced user of v10--can't figure out where controls/features are, and resent having to dig through obscure settings to turn off automatic Editor loading. Why would you assume that people who buy a Screen Capture program want or need an image editor? I'm glad you have it, because it has some cool features; but it shouldn't be loaded by default so that every time I try to turn off my computer I get "images open in Snagit Editor" messages. Great program, not so hot user interface. Please improve.
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Jim Stuart

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+1.   I've used SnagIt for years, have adopted several revs, and have always evangelized it with co-workers, friends, etc.  I worked for Microsoft for 12 years and have seen a lot of software - both good and bad, from Microsoft and from other software companies.  SnagIt is one of my all time favorites because of its utility and intuitiveness.  That is, until the current version.  It seems the UI has been almost completely revised; and apparently it's not just me: it's mystifying. Frankly I don't see the benefits of the change. If you haven't done this already, I'd strongly recommend what the Office team did when they completely revamped the Office UI with the 'ribbon' up top.  They built an app that allowed you to - within the context of the old UI - select a feature, like "print preview" - and the app would then show you how to accomplish the same thing with the new, ribbon UI.  That little app was a huge help in getting over the hump of a very different UI. Perhaps you've done it already - if so, I missed it.  If not, it would be a smart move to help users migrate to the new version.
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It took me a while to get used to the new interface, and my initial reaction was the same, but as a "power user", I must say I have come to prefer it. It did take quite a bit of tweaking and practice to make the switch though, so I can certainly relate to the discomfort..

My only real complaint is that there is no way to customise the size of the menu items. This is actually more a problem with Windows 10 itself, but even when setting the default font sizes to something larger on small HD widescreen laptops (like 1600 x 900 resolution monitors), the fonts inside of the actual UX are tiny. I don't have this issue with other programs, and I didn't have the problem in Snagit versions prior to version 13, so something isn't quite right.