v12 - hate new behaviour on manage profiles / double click on notification systray icon

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As a power user I have a myriad of profiles and  I was able to quickly access and switch between them via double click on the systray.

Every start of the computer I have to first click on it, click profiles and 'manages profile'. This weird window then is not full screen, but whatever happened last. Now it pops up when clicking on the systray with still the annoying pop up - there was a reason why there was a difference between click and double click. 

ESC does not remove this window. Alt-f4 / close removes it only to require the going through click - profiles - manage profiles each time. Why do I need to 'close' it? Because screenshots f.e. require it. 

As I am hitting this  profile selection dozens of times a day (yes.), this is enough reason for me to go back to version 11. 

(Plus renaming profile should be F2 in manage profile and there still is no duplicate profile. )
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Posted 5 years ago

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LOL, someday, if I live a good and helpful life, I might be able to die and return back as a UI designer that just "knows" what's best for everyone as far as colors and actual usage and foist it upon them!

In other words, it's fun watching post after post appear day after day where things are being reported as being more difficult or whatever. ;)

Cheers... Rick :)
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Rick, I can see how the new setup makes it much easier for the new inexperienced user. However, people with "i need a screenshot a day" can also live happily with the built in screenshot program.

The core of snagit is making the workflow easier. 
I have kept this one just to manage profiles, but another "great invention" is forcing people to either choose every single time if they want screen or video OR asssign each profile a personal (to be memorized) hotkey. yeah right. you can see that posting here 

Instead of before where you could quickly access the profiles (see my point above) and switch and then use the general print screen for doing what the profile said.

There is innovation and changes. There is even required changes. And there is always "this is what our vision for the future is". And "this may be annoying but i can get used to it over time".

Depending on the day I change profile a lot of time with different tasks and do a lot of screenshots per day for different options / tasks / requirements. And a lot of them are silent profiles, build up to save in specific folders without questions, some even without selection. Having to confirm every single time to say "yes please picture like I told you in the profile" is not only annoying, but wasteful.

Which puts me to the discovery that my full screen captures don't work any more, great. 
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Hi Nicole - I'm popping in here because you 'plussed' my comment which is now merged by Techmith at https://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmith/topics/turn_off_one_click

You have summed up in a more functional manner my rather more emotional outburst about the silly behaviour of a double-click launching the OneClick annoying widget, rather than the old dialog box. Now I am forced to use the system tray icon, and wade through nested menus to find some 'profile', rather than a dialog box where I can choose the function I need.

Hopefully they will incorporate some feedback and restore some level of advanced control, rather than trying to force 'this is good for you' behaviours in the way that Microsoft do.

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Yes I noticed they have 'moved' comments away, I am not finding half of them. 

I feel your pain btw. There is a simple solution: deinstall 12 and go back to 11. I am an avid snagit lover, but that made so much headache yesterday for me, that since I have reinstatet the v11 version. Trust me. 
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@Nicole: many of us returned to v11.3 or older. As I commented on the "Folders view is gone in Library V11.4" thread

we, as oldtime v11 users won't be submitting feature requests anymore.
But presumably at one point in time, XP alike, support for v11 expires.

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Seriously, I don't know what Techsmith was thinking. I really hate 12 and am going back to 11. I've been using Snagit and Camtasia since at least 2004 and have loved each upgrade. I try to have an open mind with updates since it's easy to get set your ways, but 12 has made capturing difficult.

  1. It appears you need profiles for everything since you cannot "build" you capture as you go. Yes it's dead easy if you're doing a simple screen cap but, quite frankly, if that's all I need I can simply use the snipping tool and save money.
  2. I really have to choose whether to save it to a picture or movie every flippin time? Really? How about a preference since I will hardly ever want it to go to movie. Why add the step.
Why make my life more difficult with an upgrade.
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I have a similar track record with Snag It over the years and also hate V. 12 enough to say so here. Thanks for expressing my frustration for me. 
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Sad to say, but maybe the below is the best solution for the time being..??

However, with the last update (11.3->11.4) some features already disappeared, like foldersview, and many users, like me, returned to 11.3.

In spite of the heavy protests, like now with text capture, see "Alternate to SnagIt 12 missing text capture", once features are removed, probably they will not return.

Bottomline, likely a group of users may never update... ?

Anyway I as well went back to 11  and asked for a refund.



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Is there an official beta testing team? Or are the customers the beta testers? Because Techsmith could release beta versions to the public to get real user feedback instead of just saying "surprise", good luck!

If you want help doing UI design, having public (community) feedback would be a good place to source from. Set up polls if you have to but feedback from actual customers is very valuable. I'm almost inclined to go back to version 11.3 myself because of web browser scrolling issues. The non-changeable black background color of the UI and the very cumbersome and useless profile interface changes in 12 are just really, really bad design. I dumped FireFox as a web browser since they force fed stupid and unnecessary UI changes on their users. And now I have to deal with it from Techsmith too...Just one question, WHY?

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