Version 2018.0.1 is NOT a good version

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I do not like this latest version. Why is it software developers always take away the good parts of a program and think they are improving it by making it more complicated and less user friendly?
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Posted 1 year ago

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THere are a LOT of threads on this. They ruined Snagit in version 12 and extended the horror in version 13. SOmeone made a decision to break up workflow and remove features. Snagit seemed to be on the way down

They seem to have at least partially gotten the memo that ignoring users was not the best management decision and some things are starting to come back in the 2018 version. Also there are some nice new features

I was in the process of finding something else that was more user friendly but have put that on hold since they are SLOWLY fixing snagit

You might consider doing the same. If you have found something broken, post it back here and there are more than a few people that may support it. I would not make a list but rather one post for one issue and search the forums first. If someone else has already posted the issue, support that as many votes count
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Hi RD,

Could you be more specific about what's changed that's upsetting you?  Also, what version are you upgrading from?

Thanks for your feedback,
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I would like to chime in, I was one of the first people at my company to discover snagit. Now we have hundreds of users. Seems we all liked version 9, 12 did indeed change the workflow, I especially hated having to use the ctrl scroll to zoom.  I understand why it was added bit the magnifying glass should not have been removed. IMO, never remove functionality ever, I see an easy zoom in 2018. Nice.  Plus it is very important to users to not change the UI dramatically. This is a big concern. Overall looks like you have listened to user base. I would distribute a Beta to super users free of charge for say a 6 month grace window, and solicit comments and suggestions from users. 
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RD Perez ,

Snag-it started going downhill with version 12. I have had all of the versions since the beginning, and I was one of those who requested that it be able to capture video long ago. The GUI (user interface) became much worse in 12, and harder to use. In my opinion, 11 was the best and stick with that one! I wrote Tech Smith about version 12 being so poor, but they appear to not listen to their constituents!  


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Not being able to have library and editor open at the same sucks. Also the editor is often slow to start, and seems to be running in the task manager hogging nearly 200 MB of RAM, even after you close it.  May have to downgrade back to 12 or whatever version I was using before. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems you STILL can't place the library on a shared network drive and share it with multiple computers (e.g. desktop and laptop). Eye candy is cool as long as it is not at the expense of usability.
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What are you calling "The Library"? The library is not a folder but a view accessible from the editor. It shows snags  that may be anywhere on your hard drive. THere are APPARENT folders on the loft side that view by tag, date etc.
What is it you want to put on a network drive? If you want to share the DOCUMENTS\Snagit folder that can be done easily. You can move that to a server and put junction points to it on everyone's machine
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I finally found the "Recent" button that shows the recent captures in the editor Window. Just what I needed. Things are now looking much better :)

As for moving the library FOLDER (the physical storage of the captures, DataStore) to a shared location, that is not an issue. The problem arises in a team environment where multiple users access the library simultaneously to save and retrieve their captures, because certain files get locked while they are being used. If that is fixed, perfect. Will have to give it a try.
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Datastore is NOT the Library (although some files may exist there) It is a temporary LOCAL storage for UNSAVED captures. When you save a capture to (say) the Documents folder, then it is gone from the datastore

Dear Santa: Please have Techsmith enter this conversation and explain the datastore folder, the library and where the library actually exists or if it is indeed just a database
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regretfully ts didn't care to reply to Glenn anymore