Video assets Instead of selling the whole package, why not segment them, for eg, I would want some sound effects, and none of those is free

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Can I make a suggestion regarding Video assets? Instead of selling the whole package, why not segment them, for eg, I would want some sound effects, and none of those is free
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Posted 7 months ago

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Hi there and welcome to our community

When it comes to sound effects, many people will spend vast amounts of time searching the web or elsewhere for the appropriate effect. But that's where the problems often begin. Because you then have to begin considering whether you need to pay for it or worry about proper attribution in order to avoid potential lawsuits over copyright infringement.

I once attended a webinar where the presenter was advising that it's quite often more efficient to perform a "home grown" solution and simply use an audio recorder to record the sound effect you are wanting. For example, if you need the sound of a vacuum cleaner, drag out your vacuum cleaner and record its sound. And there are other things that actual foley artists use. Like just recording a thud of dropping something. 

The results may then be freely used with no consideration for copyright. Because it's yours!

Something to consider. ;)

Cheers... Rick :)
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Freesound is a great source for sound effects.

Become a free member. Search for and download free sound effects.Some of them aren't that great and some of them are. There created and uploaded by members. Some members ask for attribution if you use their file.Its all spelled out when you download the file.

If your adding a dog barking to a video for friends to watch. Attribution is a bit much in my opinion.
You should download .wav files whenever possible.


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Thanks for this feedback,

We've gotten some other requests for different ways to purchase assets without buying the entire subscription. We don't currently have any plans to change the model, but it is something we talk about. That is to say, it's not dead, but it's also not in our near-term plans.

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Glenn thanks for the feedback. I would still like to see the option to purchase only what you want or have a lower cost for a yearly subscription for the Assets.

I know there are other screen capture software that have the same option for a yearly subscription but there rate is $60.00 Dollars Yearly. I know it also takes a lot of work on the Assets they create and need to make some money for their efforts too. But, it would be nice to have an option to have more Assets without having to subscribe to a yearly rate. Maybe see if they could offer the option to download what a person wants or give a Monthly Subscription Rate too. Just my opinions. Have a great day/night.