Video lags when captions are added

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I've noticed my recordings lag after captions and transitions are added. Anyone know why, or what can be done to solve this? I am using Camtasia v. 9.0.1 (640bit) for Windows.  Please and thank you! 
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Posted 3 years ago

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I'm sorry you are having trouble!

Maybe you can answer these questions so others can chip in and offer up some help.

  1. Where did your recordings come from on your timeline? Screen recordings, phone recording, other?
  2. Are your recordings real world video like games, real life, etc? Or, are they screen recordings?
  3. How long are your video clips on the timeline?
  4. How long is your video overall?
  5. When you produce your video, do you see the lag? Or, is it only occurring while editing on the timline?
  6. Do you have other effects added to your video such as behaviors, transitions, animations, etc?

Thanks for any other information you can provide.

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To answer your questions: 
1) I am making 3 short (1-3 minute) tutorial videos for work. These videos are straight from a Sony HDR-Xr550v camcorder. 
2) These videos are real life. 
3) Video clips on average are 30 seconds to 1 minute. 
4) Videos overall are 2:30-3:30 minutes 
5) I have not tried to produce the videos, so I only notice the lagging when I edit on the timeline. 
6) Videos have captions and the fade in/out transition. 
I noticed that before I added captions, the recordings were fine. They became worse when transitions were added. 
Thanks for your help! 
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It's probably related to the footage and the format the camcorder recorders with.Here's what I could find on that particular camera.

60fps footage is a problem.Camtasia doesn't support it.The editor manipulates footage  to achieve 30fps and the result can make playback choppy and editing a problem.

Movies are recorded with AVCHD 1920

1080/60i format when the FX or FH mode

of the high definition image quality (HD) is

selected. And when the HQ or LP mode of the

high definition image quality (HD) is selected,

movies are recorded with AVCHD 1440

1080/60i format. Movies are recorded with

MPEG-2 format when the standard image

quality (STD) is selected.

The best thing to do is convert the footage with a video converter before importing into Camtasia.Hand Brake is a popular free program with Camtasia users.

You would want to convert the footage to 1080p 30fps."Progressive". Not 1080i "Interlaced".

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Okay kendrac,

I prefer Freemake video converter. Its less confusing to use than Handbrake.My Computer crashed a while back and I lost easy access to the info I'm posting now.

Freemake Video Converter


  See Image below, click to enlarge.

I will add one precaution. When you're installing the program there will be several options for additional software that you will probably want to decline installing. You just need to make sure you check the right box. The programs aren't nefarious in nature so if you accidentally install one you can uninstall it without issue.

Freemake is pretty easy to use and that's why I recommend it.


Regards, Joe

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I am getting lags whenever I add Subtitles to video, whats wrong?
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Please do help
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adding captions to a project can affect Camtasia editor performance; lots of captions can slow down project loading, moving/navigating around the timeline, and playing the timeline

best solution is to export all captions [as an srt], finish editing [add/edit objects but do not make any cuts that will affect times; the when finished the edits, import the srt to put the captions back in the project

produced videos should be fine regardless of how many captions are in the project

as a side bar, captions make excellent timeline navigation markers, and in produced videos, they make excellent keyword search tools

if further curious, perhaps check out relevant tutorials ...

Camtasia Tutorials

in the TOC, search for "caption"