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In CS9, it would be helpful to be able to open additional Tools and have them available at-a-glance in the workspace as shown here:

The idea here is to be able to speed the editing process by not having to scroll through the effect/tool options (such as Transitions, which you cannot view all at once) and by having all of the tools you need available all at once in the workspace.

As it is now, you cannot re-size the tools view in order to show all available tools - you MUST scroll.

Also, it would be helpful to either undock or re-position the properties.  The far-right side isn't really the optimal position for accessing this feature.

Overall, I suppose the idea is to have more flexibility in the workflow and how/where tools and items appear in the workspace.

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Posted 3 years ago

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I agree more flexibility in the workspace would be welcomed.  Myself I am all about screen real-estate and concentrating on the finished product.  From a UI standpoint it looks nice and is easy to figure out at first but when you get into the details there are some suggestions that could help.
  • The Play tools could be smaller in height. This would give me more viewer area.
  • The panel on the left would be nice to be able to resize to single thumbnail for example. Most of what I do i can get with a single column.  The Callout Icons would be two rows but that doesn't bother me.
  • The do have filters on some of the tools like transitions that help so single column would work of me.
  • I would like to be able to limit the tools I don't use for example I never use Gestures so why have this on the interface for my workflow.
  • Properties on the right could be smaller. Lot of gray space not being used. There are properties that are not included in the panel that are only on the RT click like Animation Easing.
  • I would rather RT click and get the Properties dialog than to have this docked. Again getting more screen area for the viewer.
All in all I like the product but have used other products that are more clever on the UI and flexible. One product that I use has has maybe 5 times the tools and a customizable interface. This is nice but I find their default Workspace is good so I don't bother much to make changes. BTW it is very easy to customize by drag and drop!

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I work with a 2 monitor setup, so screen area isn't an issue since I use the preview window on one monitor at full resolution.  I agree with many of your ideas for maximizing space, but I was thinking just having flexibility on how much info is shown/where it is displayed/etc, would be a big time and workflow improvement.
  • Limiting tools that appear would be great - a simple on/off toggle in the View menu would work for each listed option.
  • I don't mind if the properties remain since I wouldn't have to click anything in order to make it active for whichever selected item I'm working on.  Yes, it takes up some space, but different items have more/less properties than others, so having as consistent space for it is fine with me.
In all, it sounds like flexibility in the docking process would be the biggest improvement for what you've described.  Saving that as a "template" of sorts would make it easier for you to go back to the same editing set for your projects for sure.

...and be sure to vote/Like it to help elevate the suggestion!  :)

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I'm with both of you, more UI control would make Camtasia much more user friendly.

I'm also an avid Adobe user. There is literately "No configuration" that you cannot fully customize within their editing Suite.
You can open Any and All panels. Dock them anywhere you please.Resize them to taste.
 Combine panels, each panel can hold as many sub panels as you want.You just click "Effect,Metadata,etc."and the primary panel changes.
And here's one of my Favorite Features.Click any panel to highlight it.Then, hit the "Tilda Key" The panel switches into Full Screen Mode.Hit the tilda key to restore, very cool and easy on the eyes indeed.Makes for minimal scrolling through files as well.
You can save and name these work spaces as your own. Create and save as many as you like. Switch between them whenever you wish.

I'm not saying Camtasia needs to be that robust.But it certainly isn't very versatile and wastes a lot of screen real estate.Especially with a detached canvas.

 As an example I'm posting Premiere Pro in duel monitor mode. Click Image to Enlarge.

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Yes, Adobe Premiere is VERY flexible.  I use Vegas Pro for my primary video editing, audio, color correction, contrast, etc., and use Camtasia to put together more of the finished learning video with the callouts and other elements.

I use it just like you have demonstrated in your image - dual monitor with the preview screen on one and the workspace on the other.  Having the flexibility to re-arrange and configure the workspace window - ESPECIALLY if the preview window is un-docked - would be a huge help.

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Official Response
Hi elouk!

Thank you for the great idea! I have brought it up to the Camtasia product leadership team and they did say that while this is not identical to the work we're doing, it is very similar to what we have planned. We are actively working toward more flexibility / function with the UI and this type of feature request is fantastic as it helps give our development team some ideas and goals.

Stay tuned for more details as we continue on through the development track for Camtasia 3!

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Hi, Robert

Thanks for the feedback!  I always have ideas for simplified workflow functionality, so I plan to drop a few more ideas into the forum soon.  Anyhoo, glad to see that TechSmith takes this stuff to heart!

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Great feedback and excellent requested feature. I would also like to add to something I would like to see for this feature. It would be great if the Panels could be undocked so if you are using a dual monitor or more on your computer then you could arrange them and have more video editing capabilities with the video and timeline etc. having the undock and redock features. Just my 2 cents worth. Thanks and have a great day/night.

Cheers ~ Fred.
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I agree - general "rearrangability" of the worspace would be great for folks who are confortable with editing and have developed their own workflow.  But I also think that this would need to be a feature that would have to be enabled in the Options menu.  I can just imagine a new user accidentally undocking something and getting frustrated becuase the layout/window is "messed up".  For me - I would check mark that option from Day 1.  Good suggestion!