Voice Narration: work flow improvement

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Adding narration could be easier than it is.

This topic has been bandied about for a while, but not since the new thumbs up/down idea policy was put in place.

It is pretty painful now, involving some workarounds that would be wonderful to have as part of Camtasia proper.

Here are my wish list items, in descending order.
  1. Simultaneous video play:  Make it easy(er) for me to sync my voice to the video by displaying my oeuvre while narrating (not just the video, but all the callouts, etc, too.)
  2. Narration pause button:  (eg coughing fit coming on, 30 seconds in-let me pause 'til it passes, F9 hot key to toggle?)
  3. Extend button:  extend the video on a frame because my narrative is too windy for the duration of the video, or maybe I want to expound eloquently on something I glossed over while recording the video.  Must also have hot key (E?) to toggle on/off the "extend video" state
Icing on the cake ideas:
  1. Let me extend the green/red slider on the play head to identify the video I want to narrate over.  When I record the narration I am presented with a visual representation of time used/remaining in the span of video I selected--be creative with the feedback.
    This should also give me the option of automatically suppressing all other audio for the duration of playhead selection.
  2. Let me review the sound clip (with video) before saving (so I don't have to remember to delete it if I don't like it).  So, after hitting "Stop", I'd be presented with the choices { save, review, discard } 
  3. Wicked slow playback (preserve tone?):  so I can easily identify the beginning and end of the "umm, errr" that slipped out of my mouth and mute it.
I'm a newb on doing voice overs, but it seems like this aspect of Camtasia doesn't have the polish of other areas in this killer app.

Vote it up or down.
Not voting is functionally the same as saying, "let others decide"
Let your voice be heard
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Posted 3 years ago

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Actually, Camtasia is way behind on this.  the is another video clip application Screenium that actually lets you type in a script and use some of apple's internal voices to read the script. I still use Camtasia because it a lot easier to use.  But I have used Screenium a time or two because of this feature. I am  not suggesting TechSmith Copy Screenium's code.  I am simply suggestion Techsmith is behind in this area.
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if curious, here is how Windows 10 text-to-speech can be used to do voice narrations for Camtasia projects

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That's pretty slick.  Thanks.  
     Windows Dave could use some speech lessons though. . . .
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Well, I got wish number one already.  It does show the video during narration!  
I think I must have had a video preview hiding the detached canvas (I really would like the detached canvas to be on top...)
One down, a few to go.  Rarely is wish fulfillment so rapid!