VST/AU Plugin Support for Camtasia Please

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Please add support VST/AU plugins. Even if you didn't have automation available initially, this kind of support would be a game changer for your software.

Thank you.
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Posted 1 year ago

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I wholeheartedly agree with this and STEREO audio capture man! We need STEREO audio capture!!!
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Camtasia DOES actually record in stereo. I just tested.

I used to be an Adobe Captivate classroom instructor. As such, I sometimes got the question of whether Captivate would use a Stereo file and would it be stereo once it got inside Captivate. So I googled and found a file that simply repeats the word "Test". First on the left side, then the right, and again on the left and again on the right. 

I set up Camtasia 8 to record this file as system audio as I played it via Windows Media player. Sure enough, Camtasia recorded the system audio as Stereo and played it back that way. Tried the same thing using Camtasia 2019 and observed the same results.

Now I note that both Windows as well as Mac is tagged for this thread. I can't speak to the Mac side. Perhaps others can and will. But for me, here on my Windows 10 computer, that's how it works.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Pete Marriott

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I don't think this is the case with Mac users like me, if I'm wrong, please, by all means, help me figure out why it's not working out for me...
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This appears to be a problem going back many years for Mac users.

Theres some feedback from a Developer on the Mac team as well.
We designed the Camtasia system audio capture to capture all output devices simultaneously and mix them together in a format that makes sense without requiring any configuration from the user.

Unfortunately, it looks like in Stephen's case, the "format that makes sense" that we found is mono ... which is not what you want.

So apparently, the system still doesn't work well. Or give you options to select stereo recording.

brucerothwell posted a way  to get around this discrepancy 3 years ago about halfway down in this post .

It's anybody's guess why TechSmith hasn't addressed this.

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I know that TechSmith is a technical communication company, but I think the lack of a "easy-to-use" audio-editing option really holds the company back. When I can't do things like automatically duck the music to be able to hear my voiceover clearly, it really limits the ability of Camtasia to do everything I need it to do. 

Even something where I could add effects in the TechSmith DAW and push those changes into Camtasia would be great. 
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I'm pretty sure I have discovered how to do this. I installed Equalizer APO (free) and Peace APO (a free user interface for Equalizer, although it may not be necessary for this).  Then I used Equalizer's configuration editor to install the GGate (free) noise gate plugin, which is a VST2 64 bit plugin.  I won't explain the set-up  here, but there are various tutorials on YouTube etc. I set the gate's threshold to -40 dB or sometimes -30 dB.

It worked great for all my mics in Audacity, and I now find it seems to work as a noise gate in Camtasia too -- without having to change any settings in Camtasia.

The weird thing is that the VST plugins, once installed in Equalizer, seem to keep working, across applications, even when Peace is turned off and no Equalizer process is seen running in Task Manager. GGate can be turned-off by going back into  Equalizer's configuration Editor, but I generally just let it run, even when I am not using Equalizer itself, e.g. for its pre-amp, EQ sliders, etc.

If anyone else finds that I am imagining the noise-gate effect I get from this in Camtasia, please post.  But I am now finding complete silence in Camtasia whenever I'm not talking. I  haven't tried much with other VST plugins, because noise gate is all I really wanted.