Want ability adjust the width of the gap with the "Cut Out" tool

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The purpose of the cutout tool is to eliminate unwanted imagery, and to condense the imagery to a nice tight space.  The gap left between the parts of the image that were elided is too great for my taste, I want to shrink the image more.  What about adding a "width" property to that function.

This was done by first "Cut Out" a section of the two rectangles, then the second one selecting the lower half and dragging it up.  So, there is an easy work around.

This addresses one of the issues in the post  https://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmith/topics/adjusting-edges-for-cut-outs

Part b.
I'd like the cutout to be applied to just the area I select-not the whole width of the Snagit editor.  Sometimes I may have been working on an image before I realize that I want to Cut Out part of it.  I'd love to just have the area shifted away from become a void, but just the width that I pulled out.

Parts c-q:
To really go nuts, give the tool the properties akin to those on "Edges" effect.  Let me pick how wavy/angular or torn--the randomness, and also the "busy-ness" of the edge--the frequency and amplitude if you will.  
Bloat anybody, anybody?
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Posted 3 years ago

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I want to adjust the width of the gaposis too!!!  Please?
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This has been an annoyance to me since I started in version 8.  I only use the Horizontal Cut Out because the other options usually use too much height.   If you use the Horizontal Wave for an area of less than 43 pixels, it actually makes the image taller.

Here's an image I may start with:

Clicking Horizontal Wave (without specifying a height > 43 pixels) gives me this:

If my intent is to show the user the top an bottom of the image I can crop out some with the Horizontal Wave but it looks bad with all the gap in the middle.

With some manual manipulation, I can get it to look like this:

Optimal for me would be something where the line intuitively tells you there is an intended cut out, but not obtrusive in the image size.  Keep in mind the main reason for doing this is to reduce the image size.

It seems like Snagit it creating two images and applying their normal edge logic to the two images.  What I want to see is a way to draw those images closer together, with some overlap between the waves.  Something like this:

Tool Properties you could provide could be "Gap Size" (vertical or horizontal distance between the two cut pieces), "Edge Color" in case the user wants red instead grey.

If you read this far please vote for this issue. 

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Up-voted, this really annoys me too. 

Thanks Ben for mentioning a work-around, I never thought of simply changing this manually.  Not sure  how you do it but I just simply cut and paste using the selection tool.  Not perfect but a step in the right direction... just. 

Even so, the idea itself with the gap width option as per mock-up seems like an easy and effective solution.
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Another workaround is to make a cut using one of the jagged or torn edges, then to use the "straight" cut tool to cut-out some of the transparent space from the first cut. The limitation is that the edges of the top and bottom (or left and right) pieces of the first cut can't overlap. 
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Glad to have this very cogent write up.  Agreed and voted!
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I came to add my support to this idea and realized I'd already added my support a long time ago.  DOH!
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This feature used to exist in an older version.  Very sad to see that it is no longer available 
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I am trying to get a cut out with a wavy shape as below, but I want the space (gap) between the sections to be paper thin.  I understand from chatting with support that there is no way to adjust the gap on the tool. The outcome is also considered one object too so there is no way to easily adjust the gap (like selecting the lower portion and moving it up).  Please consider a gap size adjustment property for the tool.  (if you have any other suggestion to get the effect I’m looking for please let me know.)


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Thanks in advance!