Want to see notes in PowerPoint while recording

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I'm wanting to play a PowerPoint file in show mode and record voice over.  I'd like to be able to see my notes at the same time without having to print them or reference them on a separate machine or screen. 

Articulate Storyline seems to have a built-in solution for this. 

This would be a huge help for easier more natural script delivery when working with PowerPoint.  It disrupts flow to have to look down at notes, can create noise, and can throw off timing.  Keeping two machines synchronized is difficult too.  Having access to your script on the exact slide you need it would be a huge production timesaver, delivery aid, and save time in post editing.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Do you have two monitors? I think powerpoint puts it's speaker notes on the second screen. 
Much like if you're presenting to an audience, you see the notes and slides on your laptop screen, while the audience only sees the slides.
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Hi Jack,
I have a pc laptop and an iMac.  So, the two monitors may be a trick.
I am thinking of using the Presenter View as a workaround and only recording part of the screen.  I don't really want to lose the file size and resolution though.  Thanks so much for the idea.  Mary
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Indeed, you can make that happen by enabling Presenter View within Powerpoint.

Quite useful!

Cheers... Rick :)
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Is their a way to hide the comments in the recording and still use presenter view? 
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HI msandro!

Camtasia is very flexible -- and I often need to do voice-overs for PowerPoint presentations that are then produced into video.

I come at it in a completely different way:

  1. I import my slides into Camtasia.
  2. Then, with my PowerPoint speaker notes open in front of me, I use the 'Camtasia Recorder' to record my audio -- I find that the audio quality is better than when I use the 'voice recording' button under the 'voice narration' option.
  3. When I'm done, I edit the audio and visual elements to suit my needs.

It's not the simplest of ways, but I think it gives me the control I'm after -- and it just might give you what you're looking for.

Best wishes with your project!

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How do you handle when your slides have builds (animations)?
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When the PowerPoint or Keynote presentation has animations of any kind, then record the full screen presentation as a video using Camtasia Screen recorder. Let animations play all the way through. Keep static slides on the screen for maybe 3 seconds, you can adjust this later. Or if you know how long the voiceover for each slide is, keep the static slides on screen for that long. 

Then record audio using the speaker notes as described by @Jessica Brady above.

Personally, I create most such presentations directly in Camtasia now. The only exceptions are when better animations are required, in which case I do those in another program and import them. PowerPoint has better motion graphics than Keynote, so I try to use PowerPoint unless it absolutely requires After Effects  (ugh).

3-4 years ago people were impressed with whiteboard animations created in VideoScribe, but that fad may have peaked.
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If you are willing to use Google Slides. It opens in crome and you can minimize the screen to any size you want. I use 1280 X720 for slides. The speaker notes launch in a separate tab which is great because you can move it anywhere!  I have Camtasia mac, google slides, and speaker notes all on one screen. The other advantage I found it that Google has lots of free images in it insert function.