Wave cut out tool, customizing in Snagit13

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I still can't adjust the cut out (wave): wavelength (frequency), gap size, shadow color/orientation, outline color/width. I'm not finding appropriate responses (for older versions or newer) on this community page, so I apologize for repeating the question.

So far I am living with the wide wavelength and the lack of definition of the bottom wave if in a white area, and cutting out the middle gap, but I am not getting the results I would like. And I also find 1) split image apart, 2) "bottom" waving the top part of the whole image, 3)"Top" waving the bottom part of the image, then 4) dragging bottom part up.

And I have no clue how to get a screenshot onto this post. My SnagIt image does not paste here.

On your response, please avoid any coding solutions--I don't understand any of that (yet).


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Posted 3 years ago

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Yes. Agree with all of that.  I always have to switch from wave to straight cut out to reduce the gap.  Every time.
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To add a image to your post, Save your screenshot as a .png, .jpg or .gif   2MB  max in size to your desktop or somewhere on your computer.

Put the text cursor where you want the image in your post then click the camera icon along the bottom of the post box. Drag and drop your image to the dotted box or click the link and select the file (image) on your computer.

TIP: When the image shows up in the post hit the Enter Key to move the text cursor to the bottom of the image to add more text.

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Thank you for responding ! However I do not have the same toolbox or upload image area as you show in your picture. I am going to guess the 6th tool ("i" on my screen) may work.
  • it didn't. It gave me this indented bullet.
There is no place to drag and drop, either. Very weird.
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The cut out tool is what it is, there are no adjustments to be made. You either like what it does or you don't.

You have, Standard, Fade, Tear, Shark Tooth and Saw.  That's it, no adjustments.

The "Edges" tool is a different story. It has all kinds of adjustments for changing Cut, Shadow, etc. 

Regards, Joe

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I agree this could be such a stronger tool.  I also want it to make my screenshots smaller, but with the exception of the first option (in each orientation), most options add too much space, defeating the purpose.  I have found people asking for this for years and years.  Might we have this addressed soonish?  Even if it just means improving the defaults to have a smaller missing area (as opposed to offering wavelength options, etc).