webcams that work? (not the logitech c920)

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I've tried, unsuccessfully, to use a logitech c920 webcam for video recording. I have a new MBP (10.11.6). I've tried various things (iGlasses software, the webcam settings app, many/all the configuration options I can think of just to set it up), but in the end, I get pixelation with movement when I record with camtasia. It records fine in quicktime, and I may just use that, but what I want to know is....

Does anyone know of a webcam (720p or 1080p) that works well for recording with camtasia? Preferably, one that has a mac-specific driver?

I'm done trying to solve the c920 problem (and I urge caution to anyone considering using it), I just want to know what will work, if anything? 

I am trying to record directly overhead as I draw geometric patterns on paper, so if I have to abandon the webcam idea, I would consider a camcorder or document camera. Are there particular models of these that work with camtasia?

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Posted 4 years ago

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Hey @Geometer, what is wrong with the Logitech c920 Webcam? I am using it and it appears fine other than the cap Camtasia has on recording videos over 720p. 
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I also have problems recording with 920on MacBook. Audio and video fail and techsmith tech didn't help. After 30 seconds or so audio degrades and video stutters badly. Very frustrating.
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Me too.

Even if audio recording source is NOT c920 mic (using a different usb audio device).

If I'm using the c920 to record video after a couple of seconds any audio begins clipping and distorting.

If I shut down and restart Camtasia I can get maybe one shot at recording without the distortion then it re-appears.

I've resorted to recording everything in quicktime and then importing as couldn't find a fix :(
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On windows. "Yeah I know" If your willing to clap your hands or whatever to sync the audio in the editor.You can record the webcam using the Logitech's webcam recorder.
Just start recording with Logitech's and leave it running. If you pause Camtasia, be sure to clap your hands or something to make it easy to sync the webcam. Or stop and restart the webcam and create a lot of mini recordings.Whatever floats your boat.It works.  
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One of my favorite techniques that I saw mentioned somewhere along the way, is to visit a pet store and purchase an inexpensive "dog clicker" that is often used when training dogs. It's a simple piece of plastic with a piece of metal inside it. You just insert your finger through the opening and press the metal plate to make it "click" and that introduces a spike in the waveform that is easy to find when you edit. Similar to the clapper board.

And sure, I know that clapping your hands is free, but the clicker does have an advantage.

I also use it to mark "bad spots" when I'm recording narration. If I misspeak, I click it, regain my composure and speak the sentence again.

I like this approach as it makes the spots that need to be edited out easier to find. And generally speaking, when I'm demonstrating things and narrating, I have one hand on my mouse. But my left hand is free. So I have the clicker on the table top with my finger on the metal ready to mark spots if I screw up.

Cheers... Rick :)