What about the 24 bugs that have yet to be addressed in 9.2?

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Over the last year I have documented 24 bugs in Camtasia 9 which have yet to be addressed. Will they finally be fixed in 2018?

So far I have listed 13 in 9.0 and plan to make a list for the additional 11 bugs. The bugs are as follows...

#1 .. on some pics, (png or jpg) the custom animation option allows you to waste time setting up the animation, but then it refuses to work. So.. I had to delete it and use a transition.

#2.. found issue (above) was with text.. nvm

#3.. When resizing basic text and moving it to where you need it the software gets VERY VERY choppy! And I am using a high end maching with an I7 CPU, 16G of DDR 4, all SSD’s and a high end AMD video card with 8GB DDR5.

#4.. To avoid issues editing video clips (because Camtasia won’t let you edit accurately) I made an audio clip for the video using different software. (mp3) I have done this before with version 8 with no issues. But now I noticed when I decide to edit out a word or two, when scrubbing the deleted section plays out anyway even though the timeline shows it cut out. After a few scrubs it does finally go away. BUT, if you change the length of a pic or anything else on the timeline near that edited audio, which has nothing to do with the audio track, the cut out audio comes back and you have to scrub over at least 4 times to get it to work right. Camtasia 8 never did that.

#5.. After pasting text into an annotation, if you select any other format than the default the box and the text instantly fill the screen to the max and even hang over the edges you have to start all over again after rebooting the software. Now way possible to get it to work right UNLESS you chose a font (like Arial) before changing its alignment.

#6.. I also tried to resize the text with the slidebar and it made both the text and the box behind it huge and off the page. I had to scroll the box to the right until I saw the resizable line, then resize it a few times to get it to fit on screen.

#7.. The preferences area does not have a way to make preferred borders or shadow configurations. You need to make every shadow and every border when you make each one, In a 15 minute video I have dozens of pics and boxes with text that I need to place borders and shadows behind them individually. Why not have a way to make the shadow and the borders as a custom default?

#8.. When editing text, I noticed that I can remove text and change words just fine. But when I add a highlight and then change my mind that I don’t want the highlight, I hit undo and EVERYTHING went back to the original text. All my editing was gone, not just the highlight. The software won’t undo step by step. It picks when it wants to undo. I had to redo it and then remove the highlight manually.

#9.. I am finishing up a 3 min video and at the end I needed to post some additional text. I paste it in the text and when I hit left justify is maximizes it to 96 in size, the box is gone and there is no way to bring it back to normal. So.. I rebooted Camtasia thinking that will help and nope. It won’t let me paste and then left justify the text. I either have to type in the text manually or change the font to Arial and hope the paste works. 50/50 shot at this time.

#10.. When loading in an unfinished project, if I am using an mp3 as the base audio it loads in very slow.

#11.. Sometimes when hitting “undo” the software undoes 3 to 4 steps behind leaving you with no choice but to delete and start over.

#12.. If you place a callout, change the shadow, color or any other editing, and then place text inside it and retype the text, if you misspelled and hit undo EVERYTHING goes back to when the callout was placed and the redo will not work.

#13.. When stretching a text callout the cursor will freeze and if you wait 3 to 5 seconds it will catch up to where you moved the mouse cursor. But when you don’t expect that to happen, the way it jumps to catch up messes up the entire effect and it goes off screen leaving you with no choice but to hit undo to delete it all.

What used to take 60 mins start to finish edit now takes 3 to 4 hours for a video UNDER 10 MINUTES! Very unstable!!

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While I've seen some of the anomalies with text that you describe - like lost formatting when you make minor changes - I've done many of the other functions without problems, so I tend to think that at least some of these problems may not be in Camtasia. 

How current are your video drivers? Turn off the GPU to see if that makes any difference. If so, it points to a problem with your video card or drivers. If not, at least you've eliminated it as a possible cause. 
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All my drivers are up to date. And turning off the GPU does not work. And by the way, installing 9.1.2 causes the timeline to slow to a crawl and so I had to uninstall it. All is well (expect the previous 24 bugs) when I uninstalled 9.1.2. And so I guess that's actually 25 bugs.