What I Miss in SnagIt 2018

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This is what I am missing in the SnagIt 2018 version that were in previous
versions and are causing me a significant amount of extra work as a result of the functionality being changed:

  1. Limiting the Recent Bar Thumbnails to a maximum of 15 items is not sufficient for my needs. In V12 and earlier you could choose the length of time to remove items that were added to the recent bar. This allowed me to have 30, 50 or even 75 images available in the Thumbnail bar at any given time. I can take that many shots to create documentation for the software I am working on and they are not necessarily taken in the order that they will appear in the document. I number all my steps across all the images that I use in the documentation to match the steps in the document. If I need to change or reorder the numbering, it is very difficult to do when there are only 15 of the 75 images available at any given time.

  2. Selecting an area of the image in V12 also selected all the "Stamps, Highlights, Steps", etc. in the select area as well so that if I moved the selected area, all the attachments moved with them. In 2018, it cuts and pastes the selected area so that it has to be repasted and it does not move the other items within that area at the same time. This wastes a lot of time having to go back and realign the "add-ons" to the new location. It now takes 10 to 20 or more steps to do what was done in 2 or 3 steps in V12.

  3. Also in V12 and earlier, when you clicked on an image in the Library, you could see what Tags were assigned to the image at the top of the screen. In 2018, you have to select each image in the Library, the click Tag to see what its Tag is. Very time consuming for those who use Tags.

  4. Although multiple different Stamps, Shapes, Steps, etc. can be selected by using Shift in the MOVE function, it would be nice if we could do that in the Selection function as well. Additionally, in Selection, it would also be nice able to click on a highlight, then click on a Step or Stamp without having to click SELECTION in between. (This can be done in MOVE, but it would be nice to see it back in Selection as well).


The Magnify option is a great addition to the functionality. It might be nice to be able to select the shape of the magnified area (e.g. Circle, Oval, Rectangle, Square) and then cut the magnified area, with the magnification an paste it as an inset somewhere else in the image with an arrow or lines linking the inset to the original location (sort of like an image "callout").


Overall, with the exceptions mentioned above, I am very happy with the new features in 2018 and have been using SnagIt since V3. I look forward to more and better options in updates and new versions in the future.
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I usually think that feature comments and requests here are just lack of knowledge or ridiculous, but these are spot on!