What do you want from customer accounts?

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Customer accounts are kind of like plumbing...not something you spend time thinking about until there’s a problem. But we see online accounts as an important part of your experience with us.

So far, the TechSmith ID enables customers to use just one login to access many of our platforms: the online store, this community, Coach’s Eye sharing, Screencast.com, TechSmith Relay, and technical support. As we develop TechSmith accounts further, we want to ensure we’re focusing on the things that will provide customers with the most value.

To do that, we need to hear from you.

Please fill out this 3-minute survey letting us know how we can build a TechSmith account that would make your life easier.

If you choose to, you can enter to win one of ten $25 Amazon gift cards at the end of the survey.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Daniel Foster, Snagit strategy lead

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Posted 6 years ago

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Manny Carvalho, Champion

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My survey timed out but here's what I want from an account. Like real ife plumbing nobody thinks about accounts it until there is a mess of water on the floor. What I want is assurances that the system is foolproof and data won't be stolen so that if information is stolen then all accounts aren't compromised and everybody is running around like fools looking for mops.
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Joe Morgan

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Sorry Manny, I don't believe for 1 second that there is any such thing as 100% foolproof.
Just ask Target.
The list of compromised accounts is HUGE. It happens all the time.
I would like what you ask as well, but realistically? LOL on that one.

Regards, Joe
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Manny Carvalho, Champion

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My point exactly.
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Glenn Hoeppner, Employee

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I think we'll all agree security is important. We obviously try to be careful with your data because a leak would be embarrassing for us as well.

One of the challenges we face is the tradeoff over convenience for added security. How far are you willing to go for additional security?

Something simple is secret questions/answers. A little deeper is two-factor authentication where you need an authenticator application or some sort of text message. It could be a combination of these two or something even bigger where say you have an application on your phone and we'd require you to snap an image of a QR code on your web browser.

One feature we don't usually go for, but are asked about is a "remember me" where your browser retains your login information in a cookie indefinitely?

What if we were to enforce super-complicated passwords?

Do you want the ability to opt-into these additional authentication measures or should we just apply them everywhere?

Any thoughts on my random musings?


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