When recording a fullscreen app in Camtasia 2018, nothing animates in the capture except my cursor (Video demo inside)

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You can see a video where I narrate what's going on here: https://youtu.be/zLM2Agt8dQI

But in text: I was trying to record Baldur's Gate, so I grabbed Camtasia 2018's trial, pleased to see it had support for 60fps now. What I discovered was that recording worked fine when I was in windowed mode, but if I put the game into fullscreen, Camtasia's output would get strange. Nothing on the screen would animate -except- for my cursor--and it wasn't the Windows cursor, either, it's the game's custom cursors. We can even see the cursor's icon changing as I mouse over other things.

The game is still working fine on the PC when in this state--it's just Camtasia can't "see" most changes happening. If I switch back to windowed mode, it's fine again, and returning from there to fullscreen busts me again.

This isn't the end of the world, but if if I decide to pay a hundred bucks to upgrade from 8 to 2018, I'd rather have SOME confidence it will actually be the versatile tool I need and not give up on me over something as simple as fullscreen.
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  • erring on the side of not upgrading

Posted 1 year ago

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It looks like your game has it's own video card drivers. You might look for games that use Windows drivers.
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Hi Will!

I absolutely love Baldur's Gate; not sure if it's something you've played before, but I'll be honest, Imoen is not my favorite party member ...

Anyhow! Your issue is less an issue and a known compatibility difference between Camtasia and video games. Unfortunately you will need to record in Windowed mode as it is not possible to record a full screen game. It's been a while since I last installed/played Baldur's Gate, but if it has a "Borderless" option in it's video / display settings, you should be good to go. Something I would like to bring to your attention though is that at this time the Recorder only captures at 30 FPS; the timeline in Camtasia supports 60 FPS, and you can produce to 60 FPS. We're working to implement 60 FPS recording, though I don't have a release date / ETA for that function.

Thanks again and good luck in the Sword Coast!