When you buy Camtasia do you have to pay $74.75 a year including the additional starting fee of $299?

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Or is it just $74.75 to buy for a year and $299 for the full version that you'll be able to keep forever?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Yes, I can understand your confusion on that one. I didn't (and still don't) get what they're getting at with that either when I recently purchased a copy of Snagit for my work computer. Unfortunately it's a little vaguer than I'd like.

The bottom line is that Techsmith haven't followed Adobe down the "our hand in your pocket, forever" approach to software sales. You pay the $299, and you own it. Forever. (OK, technically you LICENCE it. Forever. For practical purposes it works out the same, though.)

You don't need to pay the $74.75. The $74.75 is for the "Maintenance Agreement Program", which is optional. I think that it's more important for corporate buyers than individuals who may indeed use it for work, but it's not part of their "bread and butter" job. 

For the $74.75 you get, and I quote:

"Free Upgrades
Receive one year of free upgrades, including both major and minor releases."

This is the part that I really just don't get.  Free major upgrades... OK, if you buy this package and they release Camtasia 9.0 within a year (and it's probably due in the not too distant future) then you get it as a freebie. If you don't then you have to pay the full freight for it. (Assuming that 9.0 does things that 8.x doesn't and/or you need those things. Otherwise you could just keep using 8.x for as long as you want.) I understand that, no problem with that. But the part that confuses the heck out of me is the bit about minor releases. I bought version 8 in 2012 and am currently on 8.4, and all of those dot releases have just come to me; I haven't needed a maintenance agreement to get them. Whether that policy is changing or not I have no idea. (Edit: Though I note that 8.4.4 is now available, and is downloading as I type.)

Volume Discounts
Add to your agreement at any time, in any quantity, and qualify for a cumulative volume discount.

OK, but if you're a single user I don't think there's an advantage. If you're a business with an IT support department it'll be a different issue.

Priority Online Support
Get bumped to the front of the line when you need help, just provide your agree ment number when submitting a case.

Again, if Camtasia is your bread and butter this may matter. But if it's just "something that you do" (in my case, I create training videos but that's not my main job) then I don't really need this and you may not either. Aside from which while I know that there are people in this forum who scream blue murder about crashes and the like, I've always found Camtasia to be remarkably reliable and stable. I'm not saying that I've never had a crash, I certainly have... but not to the extent that I need priority support.

One Master Key
One key to rule them all so you can easily package, deploy and manage all of your licenses.

Which is, um, a pretty... how shall we put it... thin benefit. But I may feel differently if I had 20 or 30 licences to manage instead of three.

In conclusion then, weigh up all of the above and decide whether you really need to pay the $74.75 per year.  You don't have to. But if I was buying Camtasia now, I must admit that I'd think about it only because Camtasia 8 has been out for so long and the odds that there will be a Camtasia 9 within a year would have to be better than average. It would be a small price to pay for a major release upgrade. But on the other hand... none of us can really guarantee that 9.0 WILL make an appearance in the next 12 months, so there's an element of gamble in that.
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Joe is right, minor updates are free.

We're not trying to mislead you here, but this is the second time I've seen this come up within a week. I'm making sure the right people see these messages :)


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