Where can I find the doc for all config archive XML elements (production settings)?

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I am running Camtasia 9 on Windows 10.

I have seen the supplied XML files, with root element <ConfigArchive>, in the "C:\Users\me\Documents\Camtasia Studio\Custom Production Presets 9.0" directory.

I have created my own XML file in that directory, edited the contents of some elements—such as <Title>,<Author>, <Copyright>, <Description>—restarted Camtasia, selected that XML file when preparing to "share" (produce a local MP4 file), and seen how the contents of those elements does not get exported to the corresponding properties in the resulting MP4 file (at least, not as displayed in Windows Explorer). For example:

I have seen some of these configuration archive XML files—from other users, not supplied with Camtasia—containing XML elements that do not exist in the supplied files. For example:
<ProjMetadataValue1>Company name</ProjMetadataValue1>
(I've seen corresponding key names in the Windows registry, too.)

I want to export MP4 files from Camtasia with as many metadata properties as possible.

Could someone please point me to documentation that lists all of the MP4 metadata properties that Camtasia 9 can export and, for each property, which element in the configuration archive XML file populates that property value in the MP4 file?
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Posted 1 year ago

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I can offer a partial answer to my own question.

I've used the Camtasia GUI to create a a new "production presets", resulting in a new XML file.

Some screen captures from the GUI:

I deliberately entered field values that match the field name, to make it easier to analyze the mapping of these fields to elements in the XML file.

Here's a snippet from the XML file:
<ProjMetadataValue3>Additional info</ProjMetadataValue3>
<ProjMetadataValue6>Rights management</ProjMetadataValue6>
At least now I know what each of those <ProjMetadataValuen> elements contain. Although, the corresponding <ProjMetadataArrayKeyn> elements tell me that the n here might, in a sense, be less significant than the contents of the  <ProjMetadataArrayKeyn> element. I suspect, but I haven't tried, that I could change around those n values in the XML element names, and as long as the <ProjMetadataArrayKeyn> element contents was "correct", everything would still "work".

I created an MP4 file using these settings.

Looking at the MP4 file properties displayed in Windows Explorer, it seems that, of all these settings, only the Creator setting is used, to populate the Contributing artists property:

Curiously, the value of the Title property in the MP4 file is "Title", matching the value of the Title field I specified in the Camtasia GUI. But that value isn't saved in the XML file (nope, not in the <Title> element, nor in a  <ProjMetadataValuen> element, nor any other element).

And I can't find "Title" as a data value of any Camtasia Studio key in the Windows registry. So I'm mystified how/where that "Title" value is stored.

In summary, it seems that, of the fields (elements) you can specify in a configuration archive XML file that might map to MP4 metadata, only the field that the Camtasia GUI labels "Creator" gets injected into the MP4 file properties, as the value of what the Windows Explorer file properties dialog box labels "Contributing artists".

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I've wondered about the information you add during  productions you've alluded to above for years.
I  typed the same thing in every box after reading your post yesterday and drew the same results you did. A named Title and Contributing Artist.

So I called support about it.Asked them where the information was stored.Where I could find it? Because it didn't show up in Windows properties.
Although, most category's in Camtasia don't appear in Windows properties panel.So there shouldn't be many there anyway.I didn't try to figure out how many.Anyway.........

I was told if you host the video on a LMS the details would show up. So I accepted that and asked where to find the info.She told me she didn't know off hand but could find out and e-mail the answer.
This is the answer I got.

I have confirmed the information is written directly to the produced video file and is not in a separate xlm file that can be modified. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I'm not sure how that works? But that's the answer.

if you want to add details to properties/file.
Just open properties left click next to a detail and type what you want.

I gave a 4 star rating and made up the Tag,Comment, Subtitle.
The Title is ready for typing in the image below.


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Hi Joe,

Good on you for contacting support, even though the response was, to put it mildly, underwhelming. Yep, I knew one could edit the properties in Windows. I guess I just wanted to make sense of that XML file, and how/whether Camtasia used the contents of that file to set properties when exporting MP4 files. The results lead me to think that the design of the XML file is both suboptimal (those non-intuitive numbered element names) and carries unused baggage (<Title> etc). Probably not the developers' proudest moment.