Where did the A icon for the text tool go in the new version 12.3.1?

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OMG, I just upgraded to 12.3.2. Where the heck is the Draw Tab? Where is the Text tool icon. I only see the callout. Why did you clutter this up with all this new stuff when the old stuff worked fine. I just want to draw a text box without a callout. Why can't I do that? The help says go to the Draw tab. Where is that? The A for text icon was in the drawing tools along with other tools. It's gone. I tried to add it, but I don't see it anywhere. And you changed your icons for no good reason. What's this water droplet in the top right of the drawing tools? How is that "blur"? I tried editor options, but didn't see it there. Also, you have to pick your color scheme? Really? Just leave it plain. Mine was by default all black. I set it to light gray, wooooo.

How about some usability testing before you break your already awesome product?
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Soph Marx

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  • irritated that you changed the UI

Posted 4 years ago

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I'm still using ver 11.4.3 with Win 7 pro. It all works just fine.Have planned to upgrade to Win 10 and the latest SnagIt BUT there seems to be a lot of comments from folks having trouble with almost everything. with that combination. No idea what to do now. may upgrade to win 10 but keep ver 11.4.3.
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AFAIK v11.x runs fine on Windows 10.
I myself run 11.3 on Windows 10 x64.
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Hi there

Choose the callout then the text tool should appear.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Thanks Rick for your enlightenment.  I like Soph Marx had no idea what/where/how to get to the (text) tool that if I'm not wrong has been in all the past versions (at least) 8>10 & ?.
It's a tool that I have used on pretty much all the caps. that I do.
Now all of us that use that tool have to fiddle-fart around with multiple mouse clicks just to get there.Totally counter intuitive as Soph Marx indicated.
I see it 'text box' & 'magnifying tool' were replaced with tear-drop & auto #ing icons so how does one customize the 12 tools now foisted upon us? In other words how do I remove the 1,2,3, auto # icon & it's function & replace it with the old text box icon & it's function? Please don't tell me they are 'fixed' & no can do! as I trust the Tech Smith team not to pull a blunder like that.
Thanks Rick
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The SnagIt interface in not customizable. It is what it is. After a while you will probably get use to it but I know that's not what you want to hear. Don't shoot me I'm just the messenger.
Regards, Joe
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Thanks for the reply Joe,no shooting you,just a few comments towards the Snagit development team.

It is obvious that Soph Marx & I were the only ones that have Snagit that ever used the 'text' feature & I am astounded that pretty much everyone else must have been constantly using one of the replacement tools..such as 'blur' or 'numbering/letter ident'
Yep! must have been one hell of a user party, when finally 'text' got replaced with the 'blur' tool.
 It's a pity that Marx & I must have been living under a rock not to know the current 'blur' trend was just waiting for their day in the sun.

As to being 'not' able to customize the interface after the big decision to trash some of it, for a couple of us 'oldies', I guess that is the icing on the cake...

This is obviously the 'New' TechSmith Snagit progress agenda..out with the old/in with the new..were are going to give them what we want, not what they want!!

PS; Congrats to the hundreds of thousands of 'blur' folks, you finally got recognized!
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Ok, I didn't see or recognize that at all. Why would I hit the callout button to get a text box? Not intuitive. They all say ABC, the only difference is that the text box has a square box around it. I thought it was another type of call out. Why not put Text Box on it? But intuitively speaking, I'd never expect a text box under the callouts.