Where to install Camtasia & Files on PC with both SSD and 1TB Hard Drive

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I just purchased a laptop with a 256GB SSD and a 1TB hard drive. My primary use of this pc will be for screen captures via (SnagIt and Camtasia) and to load my videocam videos and then edit both in Camtasia and then render/upload to various video hosting services. Since this is the almost exclusive use for this laptop I am not concerned about leaving space on the SSD for other applications. I am also planning to copy/move completed videos on to external storage after all of the editing and uploading is complete. My question is: For the fastest editing, rendering and uploading phases should I install Camtasia on the SSD, save all my captures to the SSD and place the raw camera video files on the SSD and then do all the editing/rendering/uploading from the SSD and then move the videos off the SSD (on to the 1TB HD and/or external HD) to make room for the next batch of new videos on the SSD???
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Posted 3 years ago

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My first question, is where is your OS installed? The SSD or the other drive? It appears that the "other" drive is an external drive but I'm not sure. In any case, if the SSD is where the application is installed, Camtasia will want to save your files im its default folder. I would recommend creating your files on the SSD in a folder within Documents and then backing up on the external drive.
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Most new computers that have a SSD and a regular HD have the OS on the SSD as C: and the HD for other files. I would recommend loading the Programs like Camtasia on the C: drive and your Documents and Video files on the HD which is probably  E: because there is usually a backup of the OS on D:.
Your system could be different of course. Any Program on the SSD should run faster.
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Max is correct

keeping everything on the SSD during capture, editing, and production will give you the best performance

be sure and zip all your projects after production; if producing to MP4 w/controller where the produced files go into their own sub folder, then put the zip archive inside the produced files sub folder; that way everything associated with a given project/video stays together [but I would not upload the zip archive]; move those sub folders to your HD/EHD for storage after the videos have been uploaded for hosting

I follow this protocol for all my work; I burn thousands of screencasts every year

one thing I'll mention ... I'd keep 2 external HDs for storage, with duplicate copies on each

twice within the past 3 years I've experienced total failures of my 3TB external HD; lost all my video files w/zips; have had to reconstruct over 1,200 projects by downloading copies of the hosted MP4s; a brutal task, especially if you need to recover captions and quizzes

I did not have a 2 EHD setup; but I will from now on

yes, there is a possibility that the data on my last EHD failure might be recoverable; but that's not a cheap solution 
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Hey all. Thanks for the advice. I will load Camtasia on the SSD and let that be my drive whilst working then send the completed files over to the hard drive and/or to two alternating sets of external HDs for backup as Kayakman suggested. Learning from others' mistakes seems to be so less painful than having to experience it myself  :-)