Where are the video setup and frame rate settings in Snagit 11?

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Perhaps I am missing something.

When I purchased Snagit 11, I thought I was getting an upgraded version of Snagit 10.

Instead, I got a neutered version with fewer options, less flexibility, and less usability.

Where are the Video Setup / Frame Rate options? I have gone through tutorials here at TechSmith and searched on the web and in the forums.... I cannot seem to find a way to modify these settings.

I am extremely disappointed in Snagit 11. I quite honestly feel like someone has stolen $50 from me.

Seriously, am I missing something? I just want the ability to select a codec and its settings and set the frame rate.

Without these items, I can no longer use nor recommend Snagit as a low-cost high quality solution for video screen capture. It simply does not fit that description any longer.
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Posted 8 years ago

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BOB - you are fantastic!!
thank you so much for the heads up!!
you are awesome
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Hi!, i just bought snag it 11, and i was looking forward to record skype conferences and video reviews for online marketing but now i can see i cant change my video capture settings, its kinda frustating.

Hope all this comments change the mind of techsmith about video recording in snag it 11 since its a great software but this kind of methods can drive people mad.

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I feel the same way, I'm creating help videos for our software and already have adobe. All i need is a high quality screen capture software and cant seem to find it. I was excited to purchase snagit (we use jing in the office for quick videos to share bugs and features) but I though snagit would be the HD version. I guess i was duped by their site...

Bring back the option to increase frame rates but default it to mp4 ~15 fps for the general user.
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My Snagit version 11 captured video, with sound, at 1900 x 1060, but only for 40 minutes (250 MB file). Has anyone been able to capture longer, say 2 hour + videos? The 15 FPS is not a problem for me.
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I've been recording some tutorials to upload to YouTube. I was pretty happy with the early ones I did with an earlier version of Snagit, but the latest two I did were real jaggy and I didn't understand what was going on. After spending hours looking for a way to adjust settings, I stumbled onto this page and see that it's Snagit 11 that's the problem. You guys at Snagit really going to let this continue? I'm ready to jump ship and ask for a refund also, but I would hope you'd do something about this. Pissing off your devoted customers and forcing them to either upgrade to your other product or just find another piece of software seems like a pretty fatal business plan.
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Ive just 'had a go' with a trial of Snagit 11. I cant imagine why anyone would want to use it even for social videos, youtube etc. The quality is dreadful; the motion jerky and the whole thing a waste of money. Sonds to me like they are using it to try to sell camtasia.
Not to me sunshine!!
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Well, to my well-trained (but admittedly aging) eye, these look almost identical. Maybe 1% better on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTMUz... Maybe not.

Regardless, I'm assuming your desktop is set to 1920x1080 and neither one of these videos is delivering the native resolution of your monitor. Not by a LONG shot. Text is fuzzy where their pixels should be sharp. It might as well be a 1280x720 recording uploaded to Youtube and then played back on a 1080 monitor.

Good content, but you're right, if Snagit would allow for 1080p recording, even at the same framerate, it might entice more buyers. Not me. I need 29.97 frame rate. The only thing that works for me is the otherwise problematic WM Capture (aka Replay Video Capture). If you want beautiful 1080p screen recordings, though, the best WMC can deliver for you is MPG2 at 12Mbps. Not stellar at 1080, but very passable at 720. Framerates include 23.97, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 and 50.

I'm of the opinion that since no company is currently delivering what what we're asking for, TechSmith has no need to canibalize their "higher end" product, Camtasia by making Snagit better. However, TechSmith is crazy not to add 29.97 (and maybe 23.97) fps to Camtasia. Trust me, TechSmith, 30fps is NOT the same thing.

In short, from what I'm hearing, Snagit doesn't get you there. Camtasia gets me *almost* there. A few other programs also get me *almost* there (FRAPS, WM Capture, Replay Video Capture*). Since no single screencap program gets me ALL the way their, why would I pay $300, when I could pay $29!? And go the same distance?

* WMC and RVC are really just a repackaging of a near identical tool (sold by the same company--Applian, aka All Alex--under a different name for marketing purposes), however if one doesn't work on your system, the other might. They are both sold by Applian. WMC stopped working at all on my system a couple weeks after I bought it. I wasn't able to contact support until about 45-60 days after my purchase. After trying many things they simply swapped out my license for WMC for a license for Replay Video Capture). Working like a charm, now.

I do not work for Applian or All Alex. Nor am I affiliated with them in any way (as of this writing). I'm simply a fellow-frustrated- and former customer of Camtasia 6 (and yes, version 8 made some MUCH needed improvements, but no 29.97 fps is the deal-killer for me)
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Yes, agreed .. I removed the one I converted ..
Of course an increase in frame rate along with 1080P would be ideal.
But if I have to opt for one over the other as far as my you tube videos are
concerned, I would go with the 1080P ..

I did realize what you were were saying in regards to my screen resolution..
Before I read your post. I am VERY new to video capture..
Not new to electroincs, computers etc ..
BTW, thanks for the nice comment about the video content .. :)

I think I will make another video, but change the screen resolution first.
Clark, what resolution would you suggest ? 1024X768 ? or up a notch from that?

Can always experiment and upload / view and see...

I think TechSmith has a nice thing going with their products and hate to
see these issues with Snagit 11 affect the customer base.

I still have to do a product review on Snagit 11. I did not have the privelege
of seeing the video resolution of Version 10, so I have no reference.

But, that being said .. it is what it is, I have asked TechSmith if there is going to
be any changes to the software in way of framerate and / or resolution before I do my product review..

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Ask 100 people that question and you're bound to get at least 20 different answers. I firmly advocate, and practice, screencasts at 1280x720 (even in Camtasia, which can do fullscreen 1920x1080). This won't always be the case, but for the present, these are my reasons:

- 720p is extremely popular in 7" tablets and so many smartphones. Playback on any of these devices will be pixel for pixel (read: TACK SHARP). Try watching a 720p video on Youtube captured at 720p on a device with a native resolution of 1280x720. It's CRISP, clear and native resolution to the playback device.

Side Note: This also dramatically reduces the compression artifacts you'll find in Replay Video Capture when recording at the highest data rate of MPG2 at 12Mbps (12000Kbps). At 1280x720 WM Caputre (aka Replay) is the ideal tool for inexpensive screencast recordings.

- If the device is larger, say a computer or tablet with a 1080 screen, the quality will be blown up, but still far better than 480, or anything smaller.

- As I constantly watch consumers use YouTube, the vast majority of them never touch the gear to "ask" for a better quality video. It irritates a videophile like myself, but it's the reality. Most videos won't be played back at 1080p--or even 720p for that matter... BUT...

- Many/maybe Most HD or better tablets will automatically request the "HQ" version (which might be 720p, even when 1080p is available).

- Many streaming devices, such as Roku, handle 720p video, but only offer 1080p on their highest-end devices. Even then, Roku 2 XD and XS are dependent on the channel's delivery. i.e. Netflix and Amazon still stream MOST of their content in 720p (not 1080p).

Now, if you're recording at 1280x720, you want to fit your windows to that size so that you get all of the advantages listed above. Hope that makes sense.

Sorry this post is a little off topic. Just answering the question. Let the Snagit rant rage resume! :)
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Yes ... I think it does ..
Let me ask to be sure .. so you are saying that even if my destop resolution is set to 1280X1024, just be sure that the capture area that I am working in is still set to 1280X720 ?


PS if you want to continue this off forum ..
Homemachinist7 at gmail
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Yep, this is frustrating. I just upgraded to snagit 11, partially because the 1GB limitation is now lifted, and to my dismay now the framerate and compression settings are gone! Why did anyone think that this was a good decision? Not allowing the user to have the choice to customize the video like they could do before?

Please tell me that there's an update coming to fix this.
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Can't believe that I don't have control over the video capture framerate. Like many other commenters, this software is now basically useless for me. I am not going to buy Camtasia just for framerate control - I will just buy another capture application.
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10 FPS!? This is a huge downgrade for Jing. And I paid for it? Are you still handing out refunds?
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This frame rate cap is really ridiculous. I feel like I am buying an apple product.

The greatest feature of Snagit 11 is being able to do video recordings and have Snagit record the system sound even though I am using a Digital USB Headset (Logitech G35). Every screen recording program I have found does not properly record Microphone and System Sound from USB headset speakers except Snagit / Camstudio.

Please fix the limited frame rate of 15fps and if possible please allow quality control too. There is nothing more frustrating than recording an entire tutorial and then finding out the quality is so poor you can barely read the text on the screen.
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What I am looking for is a way to decrease the quality and increase the fps. I record gaming, and when I'm not recording I get 150-200 fps. When I record, I get 20, and when I upload it to Youtube, it gives me 1020p. I know Youtube tops out at 30fps no matter how high it is when I am recording it, but I simply can't handle that low FPS. I always end up jumping off a cliff or things like that.
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Great program, but the lack of frame rate control kills it for me. It is too bad that the program does not allow the users to control the frame rate.
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TechSmith employees: I think SnagIt is a great tool but you have to listen to your customers here and add some feature to allow the advanced users to select a frame rate (higher). It can't be that complicated, you already have it on Camtasia. Please add this as an update and send it to us loyal SnagIt 11 customers who purchased the product.
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Getting a refund as well.

Stupid decision on the part of management. Morons.
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Just downloaded the trial version to compare it with the other software I've used for years. It is JAW DROPPING that there is no frame rate nor codec option, especially when I read that it was available in previous versions.

Missed opportunity with this customer. Good luck retaining your customer base.
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We just did a video capture with Snagit 11 and the video sucks. I need to incorporate the screen capture into a quality video and there's no way. Techsmith had a good product but now it's crap. Glad we did the trail, at least don't have to deal with trying to get a refund.
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I'm using Screencast-O-Matic now (pro, for $15/year) a lot of the time, and very happy with it. It's simple to use but has some excellent features. I set it to the highest frame rate, and even though they say this works best with a smaller recording area, I've used it on my laptop to record full-screen - sometimes with a video clip running on the screen, and it even does fine with that. They also have quite a few video tutorials to get you up to speed with SOM.
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I am sorry, but paying 6x the price just for something which should have already been included is a bit ridiculous. (Referring to the employee who pretty much said: If you aren't happy with this product, pay a bunch more and maybe this other one will fix it.)
If we aren't happy with the initial product, why would we fork over more into a business we aren't happy with?
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is anyone going to sort this out or are you going to put your head in the sand, 15fps is of no use to me WHATSOEVER
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this sucks, I remember years ago I used your software back in 2007 and it was great

so glad I didn't buy this, I did the trial, recorded a video that looked like it was recorded with a low quality phone camera from 2003, immediately uninstalled

this software is now redundant, might as well retire it
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I just bought 100 licenses of SnagIt 11. You MUST fix the video quality. It very poor. PLEASE HELP!!!!