Where is the project autosave located?

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Just put a few hours into a project when it crashed. I thought, no problem, autosave will bring that back... except it didn't. When I tried to open the same project I was not given the recovery option, and I am just left with that unchanged project file.

Any advice on where I can find the autosave file? Please :(?
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  • annoyed at Cam 8 hiccups, but used to it by now...

Posted 8 years ago

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best practice is to set auto save [tools/options] to maybe every 2 minutes

also, suggest a manual save after every major edit

if project is complex and/pr large, manual save using a version [like xxx-1.camproj] using alt-F,A [save as]; update version frequently

tools/options/program shows location of temp files
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Yeah, I saw that tools/options folder, There wasn't anything there recently modified that looked like it could be a project file so I think I just have to write off those hours of my life :P

Was already set to autosave every two minutes. Will have to pretend autosave doesn't exist and just manual save regularly myself I think, whatever the complexity, lest this happen again because clearly autosave can't be relied upon.
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The autosave location in set under "tools/options/program " is wrong and does not seem to work. Luckily I searched my computer and found my autosave safe and sound at "C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio\8.0\Auto-Saves".

Only a few minutes old. Im so happy. :D
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Oh my, thank you man!
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Genius save!  My colleague had, likewise, spent hours and hours on something and thought she'd have to start from scratch.  She's only missing a couple of minutes worth of edits now.  Thank you from the both of us.

Note that there is also a crashdump file location.  I don't know how useful it will be to people, but for future reference it is: C:\Users\*yourname*\AppData\Local\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio\CrashDumps
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do you know where to go for camptasia 2?
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Thank you very much Bro! KUDOS!
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I read through everything here and nothing helped. I was about to give up and accept the loss when I searched 1 more time. I found it and was able to recover. The auto save file wasn't where Tools/Options said.
I found it here:
Myname/AppData/Local/TechSmith/Camtasia Studio/8.0/Auto Saves

My original search was for TechSmith. I then clicked on Camtasia Studio, then 8.0 and then Auto-Saves.

There were a few previous saves there from earlier crashes, I just looked and the dates and double clicked on it. The file extension was .autosave.
It opened right up and everything was exactly the way it was when I lost it. I then immediately saved project as to make sure.

Best of luck all, I hope this helps.
Rob De Leon
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you will find it in C DRIVE.if not just open the document on which you were working before and go to open and just go to recently opened documents and when yoou will open it go for sSAVE AS option
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Camtasia 8.3 just crashed when I've been adding another sound file to the Clip Bin.

And - worst of all - it DIDN'T do any auto saving!! *aaaarrrrgggh*

I wasn't prompted to restore a previously unsaved version, and my "C:\Users\~~~\AppData\Local\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio\8.0\Auto-Saves" folder is completely empty!!

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Any solution for this?    
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Is there any solution for this yet?  I have been saving as I go - but, every once and a while Camtasia gives me the white screen of death when adding a marker and closes out - losing the last 30 minutes of editing (yes - sometimes it takes 30 minutes to edit a 2 minute section of the video).  I don't get a prompt to open the last auto-saved version and I cannot find the file/folder where ti would be stored.
There isn't a Getting very frustrated.   
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as a best practice, you should execute a manual save every few minutes; also, periodically, do a save-as with a version # in the name, just in case ...
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Telling us how to save or autosave is not helping us recover old autosaves. I lost basically half of all my work because Camtasia crashed and didn't autosave my work like it should. I can't click undo to what I did before the crash either. I still wanna know how to recover my old auto saves cuz this "C:\Users\~~~\AppData\Local\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio\8.0\Auto-Saves" folder is empty
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I'm sorry you are having this trouble!

Please do not try to do anything with these files and contact our Tech Support team to see if they can help you out. We in this forum are not able to analyze, assess, or diagnose those files.

You can find out how to call, chat, or open a ticket here:

Sorry again.

User Assistance
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Does Anyone Know Where i can find my unsaved project in wondershare filmora? 
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You might ask in a forum dedicated to supporting that product. This forum is dedicated to supporting TechSmith Camtasia. ;)

I might suggest you begin by clicking the link below?

Cheers... Rick :)