Why does a hotke y -not- for specific windows?

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Maybe someone knows/have a clue...
I have configured F11 to create a screenshot. This works fine for many windows panels, but sometimes, for some windows, it simply does not perform.

Example: I may hit F11 and capture a browser panel, or Windows Explorer, or whatever other applicaton. Fine.
Now I launch Windows diskmgmt.msc, (Win-R) that is showing me the drives/partitions, etc.
F11 does not work. Clicking on Explorer - F11 works fine.
Going back and forth between other stuff and the Windows Disk Management: no way I can capture the disk mgmt window panel.

Any ideas?
One in a while it may also happen when selecting a sub-menu item from within the settings of some program.

Example: settings Microsoft Word,  F11 - fine.
Then I go into settings->spelcheck->sub item x, and drop down panel Y (within sub item X), then F11 doesn't work.

The only workaround is to hit Print Screen, paste that into a new clipboard and remove what is not necessary.

Same question...

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Posted 4 months ago

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I would use the screen recorder. Then save png's from the recording.

Unless you need to do this a lot?
If it's more of a one off situation. And F 11 works for everything else. Solving the issue might not be worth all the trouble to figure it out?

I have no problem capturing DskMgmt with my standard hot key. So I don't know why F 11 would be different?

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Thanks Joe.

Well, it just strikes me... and probably there is a specific reason.

My default hotkey combination for normal screenshots is ctrl-PrntScrn, works fine.
Virtually always.
Also the capturing the given Disk Management works fine using ctrl-PrntScrn

OROH, as said, the 'single' button hotkey (F11) does not work.
Whereas it even works capturing SnagIt itself...

Sometimes when capturing a subitem or popup using the hotkey combo makes it disappear.
Then the use of a single button solves the case, or ultimately use recorder as you said, or cropping an entire screenshot. 

When pointing to something important within the screenshot and using a hotkey combo one needs to separately flatten the arrow 'flattened'. One has to do this afterwards (flatten all) in SnagItEditor.
I believe it is not possible to have the arrow flattened straight away, i.e. hotkey combo requires some extra clicks (save, flatten, re-save). That is to say... that is the way I do it, I don't know a better way.

However, when using a single button (in my case F11) the arrow is flattened and file is saved immediately (no preview)

Anyway, as said, for unknown reasons this behaviour is a bit curious and a workaround is needed.

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I don't know what to think actually?

I created a preset based on your image. And I can't get it to save a capture.I get 2 pop-ups in
the order shown.

I attempted changing settings to the file save information.And got nowhere.

It created another issue as well, the capture took up to 5 seconds or so to launch when I hit the hotkey.
My other capture profiles launch the crosshair selection action  immediately.

So there s definitely something up with F 11 and SnagIt.

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Very sorry for the late response. Was busy with other PC matters. Just a few days back I noticed that below the big red 'Capture' button, it says ctrl-F11.
Ctrl-F11 works fine.

- no matter what profile I select, ctrl-F11 remains there
- it is not possible to change the F11 to ctrl-F11
- F11 sometimes works, but mostly not.

Vainly tried to figure out what other Windows applications could be using F11

Anyway...  so be it.

Thanks for the response.
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I assume you must be talking about the Red Button on the manage presets menu.

When you hover the cursor above it.A bounding box will appear..............

Click inside it and you will have the option to type in a hot key or hit to delete it.

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