Why does does this product keep files on the Mac despite being deleted from the Editor

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Every so often I will venture to look at the file directory 'snagit documents' on the Mac and find dozens of files that deleted way back. Why, for bloody sakes, does this product keep on keeping files that were deleted way back when. Delete from the Editor means I don't want the file any more. Yet, time and time again, version after version this idiotic bug is still there.

And when you try and scroll through the files and click on Quick Look, a screen comes up with Snapproj, no image and a spinning wheel. No image of the file, so now you have to double click on each and every file and remind yourself what Snagit obviously doesn't know: THAT YOU DELETED THIS FILE MONTHS AGO.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I use a Hazel script that deletes screenshots after 30 days. If I don't save them, then I don't want them. Just a thought.
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Sorry about the confusion! When you click the 'x' on an item in the Snagit editor, it's just closing it out of the editor. To delete it, you would have to right click the item and Move to Trash.
In Snagit 4, this workflow is a little clearer since we added a Library feature that has all of the screenshots you would fix in the folder on disk. The library also makes it easier to delete old captures that you no longer need.

I hope this helps.
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I am in total agreement with the original poster. e.g., If I trash an item from the tray by clicking on the circled X, it should go directly to the system Trash and concurrently be forgotten by the Snagit Library. 

The issue isn't just the idea of physically clicking buttons, etc. --- TWICE! It also wastes our time in having to -- weeks or months later -- again review the item, even if just momentarily, to decide again that the item should be trashed. And the second decision generally takes longer as one needs to recall what/why for that particular shot.

There is a problem with your programming philosophy in that you appear to assume that all screenshots need to be kept. While I cannot speak for others, my experience is the opposite. In other words, most of my screenshots need keeping for a few minutes up to at most several days. The Library is useful for what I keep BUT I shouldn't have to delete shots twice.

EJR1959: Go to Documents > Snagit > Autosaved Captures and put your folder view into the Column format. That will invoke QuickLook automatically. Highlight any file and a thumbnail appears to the right.
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This has come up for some people on Snagit Windows a couple years ago as well. After talking with customers about it, we came to the conclusion that a majority of people still wanted to keep their captures even if they closed them in the tray. That is: "x" in the tray would just close a capture like Luke said. The workflow for most people was that they just wanted to clear their tray, BUT still wanted to retain their captures for later.

That said, we're definitely open to making changes that would accomidate to problems you're having if enough people are encountering this. We defninitely want to help our customers out with file management. I'd encourage anyone else that's having this issue to chime in. We could do several things that would make deleting easier, but they all have trade-offs of course:
- add a trash button to the tray, but that adds to clutter of the UI
- make it more apparent that ⌘⌫ deletes the current capture
- create a preference for auto-deleting content after a certain amount of time, but that would mean all content
- create a preference that would delete content if it was closed from the tray, it would probably need a confirmation that you could check "don't show me again"

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My thought would be a variation on the last item. Not necessarily a preference situation however. And it would keep the interface uncluttered.

Have both a circled X and a check mark(or a circle L) display when hovering over a tray item. Use of either would clear that item from the tray: The check mark would have the item cleared from the tray but retained in the library; the circle X would send items straight to system trash. I don't mind an extra click to confirm.