Why is my Camtasia Video so Blurry? Get Help From the TechSmith Experts!

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We see a lot of posts in the TechSmith Get Satisfaction community forum dealing with Camtsia videos that are blurry.

Typically there are two main reasons why your videos will be blurry (either in the Editor's Preview Window/canvas or in the final, produced video):
  1. The video was scaled up (stretched) or scaled down (squashed). Typically caused by editing or producing at the wrong Editing Dimension.
  2. The video was produced using a non-ideal rendering process (codec) or quality setting.
Below are 7 great resources, from the experts at TechSmith, that will help you eliminate these two common blur issues and give you the crisp video you need!

1. Here is one of the best videos I know of that explains why your video might be blurry:

2. We have a support article that gets into the nuts and bolts of blurry video trouble:

3 Watch this video before you record to help you eliminate blurry videos from the get-go:

4. Having Trouble With Blurry Videos on YouTube? Check this out:

5. Tips you need to eliminate blurry videos:

6. Trying to Record Large Screens and Having Trouble?
Dave O'Rourke, Senior Developer says:
In the current version of Camtasia Studio (8.3.0), the Editor has a limit of 2048x2048, due to max texture sizes on many graphics cards. Since your screen is larger in the horizontal direction (2560x1440), any video recorded at this dimension will be put on a texture that is 2048 wide, and this will degrade the quality.
The solution is to keep the width and height of the recording dimensions less than 2048. You can do this by changing your screen dimensions to something smaller prior to recording, or by recording a smaller region of the screen.

Typically, it's easier/simpler to record the full screen. But, this can present a problem for viewers. The only way to play the video back at 100% scale would be to play it on a screen at least as big as yours. If your viewers have a smaller screen, the video will be shrunk down, and this will reduce the quality. So it's best to make the video at the smallest dimensions possible, while still allowing enough room for you to fit what you're trying to record. Another benefit is that the smaller the dimensions, the smaller the file size, and the faster it will download for your viewers.

7. Learn to correctly zoom and pan to eliminate the blur and give your viewers the best experience:
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