Why the clip speed feature does not have have the ability to prevent the audio distortion?

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On Youtube you can speed up video keeping the voice sounding 'nice'.

In Camtasia you allow merely increasing the clip speed:

if you do it, then audio has a distortion and sounds weird.

you implement it so that you can speed up video without making audio sound weird by 1.25,1,5,1.75 or by set amount by us before rendering the video?

Now we need to export audio (by going to Share>export audio only) then
edit audio in a third party audio editing tool. 

It takes time to do it by exporting audio. This feature would be great because most people  who talk slowly sounds better with increased by 1.25 speed.

I'd be glad to pay for a feature like that.
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TechSmith doesn't need a lesson on how its done.  Camtasia for MAC does, and has for at least the past 6 years.https://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmith/topics/speeding_up_the_video_speed_without_effecting_audio_...

As far as I know, it still can.
I'm not sure what happened with the feature when Camtasia became cross-platform compatible. I haven't see anyone complaining about the feature being taken from MAC users.And Camtasia went Cross-platform 2 years ago.

Why TechSmith hasn't added it to Windows is anyone's guess.You got my vote.

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I'm talking about Windows, not everybody uses MAC. I won't buy MAC just for the sake of this feature. A bit overpriced feature it would be ;)
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I know you're talking about Windows.
I was pointing out the fact that TechSmith knows all about this feature because they added it to Camtasia for Mac years ago. For some reason, they haven't added it to Windows.

I wasn't suggesting you buy a MAC. I think Apple products are a rip off myself. There was a time MAC computers came with higher speed processors, better graphics cards and higher quality components.
Now they have off the wall lap top screen resolutions with aspect ratios that don't match up with modern video. 8 X 5 for most lap tops.

You can build a high quality computer cheaper than a Mac, that rivals a Mac. That will easily last you 10 ten years."If its a Desktop"All bets are of with laptops, they get dropped, overheat at times,etc.
And a computer is antiquated at 10 years of age.Compared to new CPU's, GPU's , USB speed, etc. and so forth.

Purchasing a computer that can function for 20+ years is "For the most part" kind of pointless. In my opinion