Why can't Snagit save in multiple video formats such as AVI, WMV, MPG...?

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Why can't Snagit save video captures to other formats such as avi, wmv, or mpg...?

The only option I seem to see is mp4, and it's the worst format of all, as both of my computers choke on it when trying to edit files saved in this format. I constantly have to convert to another format (usually avi) to do any editing.

As long as Snagit has been around, you would think it would be able to save in more than a single format.
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Hey Glenn,

Snagit is primarily intended for basic video recording, and quick sharing. We found that mp4 was the best format for a bulk of our users. However, it clearly isn't working that well for you, and I definitely apologize for that. I'll pass this feedback along, as our development teams keep a close eye on these boards.

What are the specs on the computer you are using? What program are you using for editing?
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Hi Logan,

Thanks for the great response...

I've got two 3.6 gHz Dell GX280's (with hyper-threading enabled) with 4GB of memory in each. the performance is generally excellent on both machines with this configuration...One is running Windows XP, the other runs Windows 7.

I actually have 3 or 4 different video editors, but only one does what I need it to do.
So, it's my go to editor, while the other ones I keep on the machines just in case an .mp4 file just chokes too badly on my main editing program to the point I can't even use it...

The main video editor I use and have been using for gosh, it's been over 10 years now that I think of it (with upgrades along the way, of course, until the versions that they changed in ways I didn't like, that is) is AVS Video Converter.6.3 by www.avs4you.com

The converter does the best job of any converter I've ever used, has a very straightforward user interface, can convert to and from pretty much any format, and so on. When converting to or from most formats, it doesn't place too much of a load on the processor, perhaps 30 to 45% or so last ime I checked, and I can usually continue to use either computer while conversion is taking place in the background.

When I'm converting from mp4 files however, it uses up in the 90% range, and I have to pretty much close any other open programs to do the conversions (which I do a lot), and not touch the machine while it's converting any .mp4 file that I'm editing, and some of these files take like and hour and a half to two hours to edit.
Again, other formats convert faster, as well.

The interesting thing is not only do .mp4 files affect my editing program on both computers, but they are the most difficult files for my video playback programs to run as well. I use DivX and VLC. I use VLC primaily, and have DivX, which used to be my preferred playback program on the machines in case VLC chokes on a file too badly and it can't even be watched. No other format has any problem with playback at all except .mp4 files. I get .mp4 files that won't even initiate, that get random pixilation as they play, and that get massive pixilation so bad you can't even make out what's going on in the video.

Because I only have these problems with .mp4 files, and the problems occur on both machines, with two different operating systems, and with with both editing and playback programs, I've come to believe that .mp4 must be the most complicated video protocal internally, and the decompression or simply reading of it just sucks the life out of these machines.

While Snagit is the most user friendly, feature laden, video and image capture program I've come across, and I've been using it since like version 2 or 3 I believe, I was a bit surprised to find that some features such as multiple video formats and some configuration features had never been included.

It's been my experience, in many areas including being an IT professional for 30 years, that most people will not speak up and will simply either try to adapt to what they have, or go find another program that will do what they need it to. Having been in Software Q&A for the last 10 years of my career, I'm used to reporting defects, and working with developers to improve their programs.

Of course, in this case, this is for my own personal use, and affects me personally. But I'm sure there are others out there experiencing the same problems and simply haven't spoken up.

Again, thanks for your bringing this to the right parties attention, and seeing what can be done to address this....

(Nice call on the merge for the other item by the way... it hadn't shown up when I did a search, and the item you merge it with was a perfect match... Thx :-)
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Developers at my location are using windows 7, so I am forced to add the mp4 to windows movie maker and save another video file as a WMV.

Please add more video file types for saving.  You can still use the mp4 when uploading to other services, but as far as saving the video, you should at least have mp4, wmv & avi - Thanks,

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I agree that SnagIt should offer exports of AVI and WMV.  My company is huge and we offer snagit to employees worldwide...but Movie Maker 2.6 will NOT accept mp4 files. 

SnagIt should also allow video conversion, just as it now offers image conversion.  mp4 and MOV file converted to AVI files.  This is critical for all of our user generated content, since iPhones export MOV files.  SnagIt is missing the boat on these two critical features.
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Akkkk!  Without going into explanation, this is a major headache in my company too and we have over 1,000 users.  Techsmith, please address this problem.
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I need to convert mp4 files to wmv. Why snagit can't do it??? or capture in many file tipes as avi and wmv?
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I work in heavily controlled institution.

I want to showcase my work and record a short video of my work.


My managers don't have .mp4 player and I don't have any software to re-encode the video.

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Hi Michal;

As MP4 files are (and have been) industry video files it is surprising that your environment is not running at least Windows Media Player 12, or any modern browser (as MP4 files can be played in modern browsers). We switched to MP4 recording in Snagit back in 2012 and have no plans to change that anytime soon. If you need more robust screen recording and production methods you will want to look into Camtasia as that offers a number of different production formats.

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I Can't believe that after over 4 years, we still only have output to mp4 format.  Doesn't Techsmith want to spend a few dollars buying or using under licence an existing codec to convert the format???