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In my day to day business, I am spending an increasing amount of support time on issues which turn out to be related to Windows itself.  As a heavy user myself of SnagIt, on a HP Pro running Windows 10, 64 bit, 16 GB RAM, and seeing some of the problems reported here, I am becoming increasingly convinced of the following:-

Many Windows updates aren't as trivial as they appear.

Some computer manufacturers, such as Dell and HP, have an agreement with Microsoft to add their own system and BIOS updates to Windows Update.

The fact that Windows defaults to automatic updates in the background sometimes means that it is not easy to define when exactly a problem began.

The Fall update certainly caused some issues, especially where 3rd party software copy protection was concerned.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Rick Grunwald

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Good information. I didn't know they were rolling out BIOS updates. I think I reinstalled XP about 3 times ever, Windows 8 about the same and on Windows 10 a good 6 times  already. Things will either get flakey or just break. I am a heavy user and have a lot installed but my wife does nothing but email and and her machine went crazy too.
And no help from microsoft. 
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Help from Microsoft? What is that?
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Rick Grunwald

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Repeat after me ...
You need to reinstall windows ...
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Rick Stone

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I'm guessing the BIOS updates are meaning that as the machine owner, you now need to flash the BIOS? I had to do that in order for the big anniversary update to install. Over the course of about six months I tried repeatedly. Perhaps eight times in all and watched it fail repeatedly.

I recalled seeing something about my BIOS being incompatible at one point, but the message went by quickly and never re-appeared until the last attempt before it failed. Fortunately I saw it that time, then set about figuring out how to do it for my machine.

That in and of itself was a bit of a guessing game. Seemed there was no simple utility to just sniff and either tell you which one to download or just do it. Nooooo, it seemed to want serial numbers and model numbers and all that garbage. And my PC didn't seem to have stickers anywhere identifying it. (it's a refurb I purchased through Groupon)

Yep, Windows 10 is interesting!

One thing I now consider essential is installing Start10 from Stardock. Rick :)
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Dell has downloaded BIOS updates repeatedly on my Win10 Pro 64-bit PC. Some of these updates remove Hibernate as a power option, others restore it, some have made Hibernate the same as Sleep mode. I suspect this arises from conflicts with Windows' updates. However, sound quality is still the main Camtasia 8.6 problem (I won't update to 9 for now, since I need the MP3 output); in any even slightly overmodulated 48kHz or 44.1kHz samples (voice recordings made elsewhere) Camtasia introduces high end juiciness that largely resists correction via eq -- even notch filtering barely helps. I understand this is still an issue with Camtasia 9.