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Not sure if this is possible in the current version, but if it's not, then it's a wish list for the next version:

#1 - I want to add an outline to my text and provide a "width" on the stroke in pixels.
#2 - I want to see audio levels.  Otherwise, I'm completely blind.
#3 - I want to set the exact length (in seconds or better yet frames) of my transitions. So that both the in and out transitions match in length.
#4 - I need to see on the timeline, my current place in the timeline (a clock with seconds or better yet, let me see Timecode in frames).
#5 - I want to go to the end of the timeline and the beginning of the timeline with my keyboard.  You can do this on the Windows version. Why not on the Mac version?
#6 - I want to be able to manipulate transitions.  Give transitions some parameters (like the slide in, we should only have 1. Just a slide in and the parameter would be slide left or slide right).

This is just a start. I think Version 3.0 looks great, but we need to finesse it now for the pros.
- Marcelo
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Posted 3 years ago

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Good news: some of what you want is already there:

#1-Please explain better what you want?
#2-Yes please! Many of us have been asking for this for years.
#3-Yes please! Animations have a duration display, why not transitions?!
#4-Timecode is now displayed on the top of the playhead. Looking for more? 
#5-EDIT>JUMPTO>Many options there now, including the ones you asked for.
#6-Yes please! 
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#1 - I want the ability to add a stroke on around text.  See the image below.  It's a screeshot from Screenflow.

#4 - I want the ability to see it in the canvas.  Centralized.  See image below.

#5 - Awesome!  Thank you. I didn't know about that.  That helps alot since I'm all about keyboard shortcuts for speed and efficiency!
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You can add a glow Visual effect - not the same as outline, but an interesting effect that you might find works anywhere outline would work.
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Not the same effect.  I did end up using the "Shadow" effect with an offset of 0, blur 0 and opacity 100% while the angle is in the center.  This gives it basically a 1 pixel stroke.  Which is (in this case) really what I wanted.  But in the future, if i want a stroke of say 5 to 10 pixels, there is no way to do it.