Worst Program Ever!

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This is with out of doubt the worse program ever. Maybe try getting better monkeys to code your programs. I'm so glade I never paid for this shit camtasia. Every 5 mins crashing. I've seen less crashes on a busy highway with people driving drunk than this shit. I've made better videos with windows movie maker.

Do not buy this program. Nothing but crashing and losing hard work. 
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Posted 5 years ago

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I guess everyone has an opinion.  :-)

I'm a three year user of Camtasia and could not disagree with this anymore.  We have several users of the product and it works great.  Try it for yourself.  TechSmith is a GREAT company to work with and has some fantastic products and people that stand behind them.
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I'm with you,  I was choosing to ignore the comment.
I have had some crashes that aggravated me as well. But overall, not many.
I wouldn't want to create a tutorial without it ever again. I've been using the program about 3 years myself.

Regards, Joe
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I'm with you on this myself and do not personally feel it is the worse program ever. I happen to enjoy using this software and have been since the 1st version. TechSmith has made lots of improvements to their software through the years and with any software application there is going to be some bugs to work out. Instead of being so negative maybe try putting a support ticket in which is free and they will do their best to help figure it out. They also listen to their users and try to fix things in the program updates. So I would disagree with the opinion but agree everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just giving up to me is not a thing I do. I work things out for what I need. Movie Maker will make movies but not record your screen and that is the big difference to my feelings here.
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Yeah right....

 I have a Intel Core i7
Windows 7
16gbs of RAM
ATI Radeon HD6470

And it still crashes like crazy! I even have a desktop that does the same with this stupid program coding. It's a great program, don't get me wrong, but it's not stable. I really hate it. Sony Vegas is far more stable but it's a bummer how Sony Vegas can't do the same things as Camtasia Studio.
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Yes. I'm definitely going to take the advice of someone who can't spell, uses expressions which are unknown in the English language like "with out of doubt", makes utterly ridiculous claims about having "seen" drunk drivers holding drag races on freeways, and makes two references to excrement because he can't come up with any more appropriate or non-repetitive words. His problems couldn't possibly be the result of someone who doesn't know how to run a computer system properly by doing things like applying updates and updating his drivers. No, it could only possibly be because Camtasia is the "worst program ever" despite the number of people (including me) who find it stable and use it successfully.
It's not without its flaws and its not without its quirks. But Techsmith is probably the most customer-focused software company that I currently deal with and will usually try to help if they are given SPECIFICS of a problem, rather than just an inarticulate rant. The poster was given a troubleshooting guide in his previous post (https://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmith/topics/fix_the_crashing-qf4ak), which he's given no indication of having followed. He also spoke about "recent updates" in his previous post. However that was three weeks ago, well before the 8.4.1 update and well after the 8.4.0 one (http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia-version-history.html). And yet he says that he's "glade" that he "never paid" for the software. So if he was in fact on a trial version, it's hard to see how he had any "recent updates" 3 weeks ago, and was still using it two days ago since the trial is only 30 days. And if he wasn't, it's hard to see how he "never paid" for the software. Oh wait, maybe I can think of ONE way.
Overall, in my opinion he is the sort of "customer" that TechSmith could do without. I can't really say why but the expression "Worst 'Customer' Ever" comes to my mind, but that's just an opinion.
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I'm on your bandwagon Mal.
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I like Camtasia Studio and it is an awesome program. However, they've been experiencing many problems lately, which I'm sure that they'll fix. You can't blame them. Programming is hard. Techsmith developers aren't miracle workers. You have to make compromises to develop good software, and Windows Movie Maker honestly is so simple that it shouldn't have issues.
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If you are having periodic crash issues, I would highly recommend you contact our Technical Support. It's free even if you are a trial user.

If you are truly unsatisfied, you can also return it for a refund.

Tech Support:

Refund Request:

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I must say that I have been in your shoes before when it comes to being a little frustrated, or a lot in your case, with software.  I am very sorry to hear about your problems.  I will acknowledge the Camtasia is experience some growing pains right now, but I assure you, Techsmith will figure it out.  I installed version 8.4 but two major bugs it had with my system required me to go back to 8.3, which is still a very solid and incredibly useful program.  I have had to work with Techsmith's tech support a couple of time and it has been incredibly helpful experience, if not pleasurable, considering the tech support of some of the companies I have had to deal with.  I will withhold their names out of respect for them (Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, HP).

If you give Techsmith some time, I know they will solve your computer issue.  Just in case you are wondering, no, I do not work for Techsmith, I am a teacher that teaches technology to other teachers and I put Camtasia Studios in their hands every chance I get.  This is a program that is worth the wait.
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Yes, I love Techsmith and their programs!

I'm experiencing some very serious crashes with long and large video projects in both CS 8.4 and 8.4.1 on Windows 8.1 desktop! I've submitted a support ticket!

Anyone else having crashing problems, during editing and during rendering? Did you find a solution?

Thanks & Cheers,
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I have to disagree as well. If you are having issues, please contact Tech Support...they'll get you working!
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I've spent the better part of 3 days now trying to recover 3 weeks worth of work on a file that just keeps giving me "Camtasia has stopped working"   The video is 30 mins long and file size is 7KB - surely Camtasia should be able to cope with this ?   When I persistently open camtasia and managed to get the project to stay open long enough to Produce it to MP4 - I then imported the Produced MP4 back into a new timeline - but still it keeps crashing.

We've upgraded my RAM to 8GB - reinstalled the program - loaded it onto a brand new computer - nothing seems to enable me to run it long enough to even attempt to cut it into smaller sections.

I'm really annoyed and can't seem to find a way around recovering my work.

I've contacted support, but they have not been able to suggest any solution - or reason for the problem except to suggest that my file is heavily edited - isn't that what the program is for ?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

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