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I'm resubmitting an issue as an IDEA, that I initially reported as a problem; the lack of the X,Y cursor in SnagIt 13 (PC). As a BA Tech Writer, I'm still missing this functionality on a regular basis. Hopefully tagging it as an idea will get enough traction on this issue to bring it back. Whaddya say, TechSmith? It was in SnagIt 12 -- can it please be brought forward into 13 as well? Heck, even the Help Guide for SnagIt 12 defines it in perfect detail.
In the SnagIt 12 Help Guide, located here: https://assets.techsmith.com/Docs/pdf-snagit/Snagit_12_Help.pdf, on page 5 (or pg 14 of the pdf), it states, "The Status bar displays information about the selected capture such as the dimensions, the X and Y coordinates of the cursor on the canvas, and the application or website the file was captured from."
I create user documentation and often generate the images with SnagIt. The ability to put my cursor on the same axis to select a portion of an image is very important. For example, let's say I'm capturing a home page from an Intranet site, but the right-nav panel is filled with RSS-like news feed junk that has nothing to do with what I'm trying to capture, -- BUT -- I can't just do a Joined Cut because I need the top width of the home page to show various links and tabs that are pertinent to the information I'm capturing. In Snagit13 if there's more than one thing I want to remove below this first selected deletion, I am not able to align my cursor at the same X axis (or Y axis) like I could in SnagIt 12.
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  • hopeful that the tech gods at TechSmith will hear my pleas

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I miss it for the few times I have wanted it. I can see where the removal could be devastating to some
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I'm in, purely because I hate when useful functionality is removed.