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I'm seeing many issues with zooming with many objects.

When I have an arrow or object animated to move and I also want to zoom the object and the surroundings at the same time, it's usually possible if they are timed together (if not then it's much harder). However if I then want to go back and add another arrow whose movement animation overlaps before, during or after the zoom, I can't just copy and paste the existing zoom animations, because that will copy the other arrow's movements instead of the ones I want. I also can't use zoom-n-pan again because I would have to delete the existing animations and re-do it again with both arrows. I have dozens of arrows on my project. An example of what this problem is is here

One might say I could use a group to animate all objects at once (including new ones I might add) along with the zoom, but other issues are encountered then. First of all I can't keep group windows open. As soon as I click out of them they close, and you can imagine how difficult that is when I have dozens of arrows in one group. The second thing is it's quite difficult to drag outside arrows into the group box, firstly because it doesn't often stay open and secondly because it doesn't always reliably open a space for me to place it in, and in the rare times that it does, it's usually right at the top which makes it hard to drag it down to a gap lower down as there are dozens to get past. There's also the fact that, unlike the timeline, I can't make long vertical gaps in the groups, so I don't have any space to make big additions with.

I have also found that in the new Camtasia 9, scrolling using the scroll wheel is much slower. Before, it would go as fast as I wanted it. Now, there seems to be a cap on the scroll wheel speed. I can't drag things up and down the timeline as quickly, and I have to use the scroll wheel in this case, dragging an object, of course. I could lower it below the timeline and cause it to move for me, but I find that method to be incredibly slow.

Another problem in Camtasia 9 is that the timeline vertical zoom doesn't go as low as the previous versions. I'm stuck with thicker track layers making it harder and slower yet to scroll through the timeline.

I also opened a support ticket about an arrow enlargement problem where making an arrow thicker after an animation on it turns it into a squashed tube shape.

In all, I'm just trying to direct an arrow around a map with branches, but with every bend I'm needing to create a new arrow, and with every enlargement or panning of the map I'm unable to continue without a lot of trouble.

Also, it takes 100x longer to open the project in Camtasia 9 (several minutes compared to a few seconds in 8).

If you've read all this, thank you very much for your time.
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Not having your project in front of me I can't exactly know what you are doing. In my mind I would tackle this project one of two ways.

1. I would put all of the arrows on your time line and not worry about the zooming until I have every arrow placed and animated. One the arrows set, I would then go back and setup your zooms.

2. Setup your arrows like the first method, but publish then bring back into Camtasia editor to do the zooming.

Realize as you move down the timeline you don't have to do everything at once. Use markers to remind you of edits still needed. Move down the timeline then go back to the beginning and finish up.

These are just two methods I have used in the past, but may not fit your needs.
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Hi and thanks.

Unfortunately those two options wouldn't be possible because I have to draw arrows on top of a background that moves and not the other way round. The background is a map and so I can't access the whole map and draw arrows on the hidden parts before it has zoomed out, so I'm forced to wait for it to zoom out before I can continue editing.

I had considered of those two options before commencing the project, but thank you anyway.