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Photo of fwolf
Scaled up cursor is blurry
I'm doing screen recordings and need to scale up the cursor in the actual video. When I scale the cursor, it pixelates. My recording reso...
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Photo of scott
Can we get Quizzie results within a LMS system rather than an email summary with a link which requires logging into a Techsmith account t...
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Photo of john
render quality reduced
Recorded some footage on my Canon 80D dslr.  imported the footage into Camtasia 19.  Applied 5% saturation to clip.  Rendered at 100% qua...
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Photo of Robert R.
TechSmith Jing 2019 Announcement
For over a decade, TechSmith has continued to provide Jing as a free screen capture and screen recording tool. Jing still proves to be o...
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