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Photo of Paul
auto save in SNAG format - feature request
My biggest headache with SnagIt is when I return to a logo or diagram I made a couple of months ago to find, in the rush of the moment, I...
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Photo of Rick Stone
Camtasia suggestion
In the last few days I had a need to update an older video. After opening the video in version 8, I decided that given my goal, I should ...
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Photo of gonzalo.ros
Camtasia 2019 Spanish
I'd like to have Camtasia 2019 in Spanish. I'll be glad to help with the translation, but it won't be difficult, because there are previo...
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Photo of galliaj
Snagit for Linux
Is it time for TechSmith to acknowledge the growing Linux desktop community and port Snagit to Linux? Your competition is sorely lacking ...
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Photo of Marion
add stamps to Camtasia
HI. I'd love to see some stamps added to Camtasia. Similar to what you have for Snagit.  Number stamps; alphabetic stamps.  Editable, if ...
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