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Photo of charles.ragucci
Loving It Snagit
Right now, I'm just  loving this program wish i had it years ago! Nice Techsmith
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Photo of Josh
SnagIt Saves the Day!
I thought everyone would get a kick out of this feedback since it’s probably not the norm.  I’ve been using SnagIt for a few years no...
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Photo of Ravi Shankar
Thank you!
As  teacher I'm forever having to capture images for presentations to my students. We use a bespoke teaching presentation tool which is a...
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Photo of danfinn5
product support rocks!
Just wanted to say you guys really do a great job! I bought your product based on reputation and have had nothing but intelligent respons...
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Photo of Paul
Nice touch TechSmith
I just updated my laptop to 2019.1.0 and, as I'm in the voting window, I got this prompt when I opened the editor. Nice touch!
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