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Photo of Saima Saleem
Camtasia asking for .netframework.
I recently purchased camtasia, but i havent been able to use it at all.  every time i try to open camtasia. i get these error message. I ...
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Photo of donald.macfarlane
Screencast Password Protection
Is there any way to password protect a screencast item that I share? The only option I see is to share the URL. As a default there is sup...
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Photo of galliaj
Snagit for Linux
Is it time for TechSmith to acknowledge the growing Linux desktop community and port Snagit to Linux? Your competition is sorely lacking ...
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Photo of avdi
Camtasia 2020 is a lot more responsive
Credit where credit is due: the Camtasia 2020 timeline is substantially more responsive when editing. There's noticeably less lag-and fre...
  • avdi, 12 hours ago

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